New start menu, change display refresh rate Details of improvements in win 10 version 20h2

As with windows 10 version 19h2, the fall 2020 update of win 10 will continue to provide bug fixes and improvements to the existing may 2020 update, including a new start menu that identifies topics. < / P > < p > Theme aware & quot; start & quot; menu: the new & quot; start & quot; menu simplifies the appearance design and applies a partially transparent background to the block. < / P > < p > If a user purchases a monitor that supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, 144hz or higher, you need to make sure that windows is actually set to the maximum supported refresh rate. < / P > < p > although the & quot; control panel will not disappear soon, it is likely to be another step in Microsoft’s plan to phase out the & quot; control panel. < / P > < p > windows 10 has a feature called the & quot; focus assistant & quot;, which allows users to pause or completely stop notifications during calls, demonstrations, or games. It aims to reduce the distractions of users when they need to focus on their work. In Windows 10 version 20h2, the & quot; focus assistant & quot; does not pop up its own notification alert, and focus assistant notification is turned off by default. < / P > < p > windows 10 20h2 allows users to click a docking site on the taskbar to access all open tabs of that site in the Microsoft edge window. < / P > < p > users can choose to click & quot; X & quot; in the upper right corner of the notification page to quickly close it. &The quote; X & quot; option replaces the original right arrow. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!