New technology and new mode boost the development of digital agriculture and rural areas

The Ministry of agriculture and other ministries and commissions put forward that: by 2025, important progress will be made in the construction of digital agricultural countryside, which will strongly support the implementation of digital rural strategy. The idea of digital agriculture rural construction in the new era is clarified. It requires that the development of digital industry and digital industrialization should be taken as the main line of development, top-level design should be strengthened, inclusive and shared, and multi-party participation and joint efforts should be made to create scientific and technological agriculture, smart agriculture and brand agriculture, so as to provide strong support for the realization of Comprehensive Rural Revitalization. Agricultural products branding is an important starting point for the high-quality development of China’s agriculture, an important measure to promote poverty alleviation, and an important way to enter the international stage. At present, the brand construction of agricultural products has achieved remarkable results under the promotion of various parties, but there are still some objective deficiencies. It is mainly in the construction of agricultural product standards and efficient circulation of agricultural products brand construction.

in May 2020, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development launched the pilot project of “Internet Plus +” agricultural products coming out of villages, and formulated the main body of cultivating the industrialization of county level agricultural products, which is of great significance to the standardization, industrialization and scale of agricultural products, and provides a solid foundation for the realization of branding of agricultural products, and is also an important link in the upgrading of agricultural industry. At present, many places in China are vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure and have made positive progress, but there are some misunderstandings in some places, such as thinking that only improving production efficiency is industrial upgrading, or only focusing on improving product sales is industrial upgrading. Improving sales volume and improving production efficiency are part of industrial upgrading, but if the production, supply and sales of the industrial chain are not analyzed as a whole system, only through some fragmentation and not comprehensive understanding, the probability of deviation in practice is very high. But it’s impractical to talk about brands without sales. No brand sales is a flash in the pan, no sales brand is castle in the air, so the balanced development of brand and sales can achieve the road of agricultural product branding in China. < p > < p > the traditional e-commerce platform practice of Yunnan Kuantu Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Kewei Network Technology Co., Ltd., which matches transactions and drives sales by traffic, helps to improve sales volume, meet people’s middle and low-end demand, and promotes economic development. However, due to the lack of genes conducive to brand building, it is impossible to achieve the goal of balanced development of brand and sales volume, which has become the biggest bottleneck on the road of agricultural product branding. Therefore, it is very necessary to pool the advantageous resources of all parties and work together to form an integrated platform of production, supply and marketing, so that the balanced development of brand sales is very necessary. It is in line with the basic principles of multi-party participation, co construction and inclusive sharing mentioned in, and is also an important link in the development of digital agriculture and rural areas. < / P > < p > the particularity of agriculture determines that we can not use the traditional way to transform it, but we need to find new solutions, in order to truly solve the pain points and problems that can not be solved in the era of consumption Internet in agriculture. In this context, the new retail platform of Internet receipt + delivery and collection mode of nearby physical stores was born. < / P > < p > is not an ordinary Internet platform, but a powerful middle platform system, which is essentially different from the e-commerce platform for matchmaking. < / P > < p > 1. Starting from the source of branding, the project name is a “brand club”. The upstream end implements the spirit of “the main body of industrialization of agricultural products at county level” in the Ministry of agriculture and the rural sector on the project of “Internet plus” agricultural products coming to the villages and towns. Through the cooperation with the main brands of agricultural products at various levels, the standardization of agricultural products has been realized, so that the original small, scattered, uncompetitive and value-added agricultural products have new labels and meanings. < / P > < p > 2. Get rid of the traffic dispute in the traditional e-commerce mode. It increases orders for businesses through the mode of “Internet receipt + nearby physical store shipping collection”; low threshold enables more businesses to settle in and operate; many small b-terminals generate their own dedicated sub platforms through exclusive backstage to promote and publicize in private domain traffic, bringing huge exposure to products. The market price of commodities is determined by production cost and circulation cost. Too many intermediate processes and links increase the circulation cost, which leads to the high commodity price, which is more prominent in agricultural products. How to further disintermediate and realize efficient circulation has become a problem that must be solved. In terms of product circulation, the construction party does not participate in the operation of specific agricultural products, but focuses on integrating and participating in regional warehouse construction, forming a key node of agricultural product circulation. The big B end directly replenishes the inventory from county-level agricultural industry brand operators of each origin through bulk orders, and then supplies the local merchants from the local warehouse inventory by the big b-terminal; after the consumers place the order, the platform will be connected The big data algorithm is matched to the nearest exclusive store for delivery, collection and after-sales services; the big b-end and the small-b-end perform their respective duties, and work together to form an efficient downward circulation chain. The division of big B and small B not only reduces the purchase cost and logistics transportation cost, but also improves the circulation efficiency of products, so as to realize the real cost reduction and efficiency increase; it meets the requirements of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas to accelerate the establishment and improvement of the supply chain system suitable for the network sales of agricultural products. < / P > < p > 4. A transparent and good price system is the soil for the growth of excellent brands, so as to pool all forces to jointly promote and maintain the brand and make consumers feel at ease. The platform opens exclusive backstage to the operators of county-level agricultural industry brand in each producing area. Through their own exclusive management background, the platform can independently manage and maintain and retail pricing of commodities. The transparent and unified price system benefits the production, supply, marketing and C-end parties, so as to achieve long-term and stable development. < / P > < p > 5. It has self hematopoietic function. The Platform Builder participates in the construction and integration of supply chain warehousing, and charges a small part of the cost of large b-end bulk ordering behavior as the platform operation cost, so that the platform can continuously provide high-quality services for both supply and demand. < p > < p > 6. The platform builder provides zero cost services for the main operators of county-level agricultural industry brand in each producing area, which meets the requirements of the public welfare status of agricultural products market clearly emphasized by the Ministry of Commerce. < / P > < p > 7, low threshold, no cost for small B terminal. After the opening of the platform, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurial opportunities can be created for all parts of the country, and the number of jobs driven is one million. In line with the spirit of the directive issued by the general office of the State Council, to achieve public entrepreneurship and to make more people enjoy the bonus of Internet plus. < / P > < p > 8. After opening, it is estimated that the annual sales volume will exceed 100 billion within 3-5 years, which will help the local economic development of the platform. < / P > < p > < p > after the proposal of “Internet bill collection + nearby physical store shipment collection mode”, it has aroused heated discussion from all walks of life. This mode can bring about the reconstruction and integration of industry elements, bridge the barriers and opposites between online and offline, improve the operation efficiency of the industry again, open a new stage of Internet development, and make commerce return to the essence of “business + employment”. < / P > < p > as the first landing demonstration application project of “Internet receipt + delivery and collection mode of nearby physical stores”, if properly developed, its new ideas, new technologies and new models can provide a reference sample for industrial upgrading of other industries. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?