New technology changes Hollywood’s “rules of the game”

Hollywood is coming back to work one after another, but the epidemic in the United States still brings uncertainty to the production progress of major film crews. “LED video wall” technology, which has been successfully used in new versions and science fiction plays, will be widely adopted by Hollywood film makers, the associated press said on the 18th. < / P > < p > different from the traditional “green screen”, when using this “video wall” special effect technology, actors can still “see” the scene, and photographers can also adjust the angle of view according to the visual video background to make it look like they are shooting in real scene. Half of the scenes in the first season were shot with this technology. Robert legato, director of special effects and three time Oscar winner for best special effects, calls the technology a “game changer.”. In the eyes of Sam Nicholson, winner of the Emmy best visual effects award, this will be an evolution in the field of Hollywood special effects, “it’s not necessary to shoot on location later.”. < / P > < p > the new epidemic has objectively promoted the upgrading of Hollywood technology. After all, no producer is willing to bear the cost of isolating the whole crew for two weeks, and the virtual production technology can directly “bring the location back to the set”. It is reported that such a virtual production system is also used in the films being shot in New Zealand, and the super British film team is also a supporter of the technology. However, even in the view of industry experts like Nicholson, virtual production can not completely replace the traditional production process at present. After all, script and performance are still the first. In addition, because of the “valley of terror effect”, it is still a great risk to completely replace real actors with CG. Even if Ang Lee reshapes the young version of Will Smith, there is still a gap with the fresh actors themselves. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine