New version of Baidu input method attacks, black technology fully reveals secrets

It is undeniable that in the era of mobile Internet, input method is absolutely necessary in our daily life. No matter it is tablet, computer or mobile terminal, input method is very important. After all, work record, communication with customers, scheme formulation, report summary, chat and social interaction, etc., all need to use input method to achieve. As the saying goes, a practical and interesting input Entering the law is undoubtedly the best tool for working and socializing. What criteria should be used to judge the input method? In the final analysis, it is an intelligent input method that can insight into the needs of users at the first time and fully meet the diversified needs. Baidu input method, with the support of powerful AI black technology, constantly innovates technology and introduces a variety of cool input functions, which has become the most popular treasure collection input method at this stage. < / P > < p > Baidu input method takes user needs as the core, and every upgrade is in line with the public’s mind. For example, the full sense AI technology, Chinese and English smlta voice technology, Yan keyboard and custom skin and other interesting functions were added last year. Many friends said that such an interesting and practical immortal input method can make money when used. Recently, Baidu’s input method has been upgraded. In terms of offline voice technology, cool game keyboard and streamer keyboard, it has been upgraded again. Today, let’s talk about this immortal input method! < p > < p > nowadays, mobile games have become the main way for young people to enjoy their leisure time. When waiting for a bus or having a meal, they have to play games with friends. However, playing games requires a high degree of concentration, and a little inattention will lead to the failure of the game. Therefore, news from the game or communication with teammates has become a major problem. In view of user demand in this regard, Baidu has joined the game keyboard mode before , which is specially designed for game players. It can switch to the game keyboard at any time. At the same time, it uses powerful AI technology to enhance the calculation accuracy of input method, and it is suitable for popular mobile games such as peace elite and King glory. In the game keyboard mode, a large number of game words are reserved. The game is harmonious in text mode. At the same time, the game can communicate with teammates without obstacles. You don’t have to worry about what you think in the game Shield, the whole game more immersive in-depth. < / P > < p > recently, the latest version of Baidu input method has been updated. On the basis of game mode, streamer keyboard has been added. In a simple way, the horselight effect of mechanical keyboard is integrated into the mechanical game keyboard of Baidu input method, giving players a more cool game operation experience and full of the atmosphere of video games. Baidu input method brings a total of four cool streamer keyboards, namely g913, TKL ripple, cherry 10.0-laser, Rog flare strong and cool top sk622 – imprint flame, etc. you want gorgeous, strong, concise, fashionable keyboard style, combined with the mechanical keyboard is really percussion touch and sound, giving players a real experience of the game. < / P > < p > like the flame streamer keyboard I like more, the effect is more similar to the cool collision feeling when water drops fall on the ground, which makes typing feel great. Relatively speaking, the effect of ripple streamer keyboard is much more gentle. It is more like touching the layers of waves caused by water drops, which gradually dissipates in circles, bringing different impression of typing and interesting play Let’s download it at home. < p > < p > in fact, speech input has always been a strong point of Baidu’s speech input method. As early as the previous generation of input methods, it has improved the accuracy of online speech by 15% by virtue of the powerful voice technology flow truncation multi-layer attention modeling. In addition, there are also achievements in offline speech recognition, which can still provide more than 98% accuracy in offline scenes such as train stations, subways, tunnels and elevators After many scene simulation experiences, the author also found that its speech recognition ability was not only accurate, but also very broad. Not only mandarin recognition, but also dialect and foreign language recognition were not inferior, which could be called the best speech input method in the industry at that time. However, baidu input method does not stop here. As mentioned above, baidu input method has become the input method with the largest number of user growth for a time because of its rapid insight into user needs, continuous innovation and progress, and the introduction of new functions to serve users. In the latest version of v9.3.5 Baidu input method, users’ favorite voice functions are further upgraded The implementation of this technology means that speech input will enter a new stage. Even if the network is completely disconnected, it can accurately recognize speech, fearless of emergencies, and maintain smooth communication anytime and anywhere. In the actual experience, it is found that the recognition rate and efficiency of Chinese English translation are still very high, basically reaching 98% Accuracy, completely a portable translation machine, is very suitable for business people with business communication needs between China and Britain. < / P > < p > the updated Baidu input method, in addition to offline voice and streamer keyboard, also comes with interesting functions such as skystroke handwriting, AR doodle chart, voice shorthand and other interesting functions, so as to fully meet the diversified input needs of users. Take ar doutu as an example. Doutu chat is the most popular way of expression among young people nowadays. Compared with words and voice, doutu chat is more vivid and interesting. It is like face-to-face communication. However, it may have been restricted by the poor Gallery of chat software. Doutu is not only very happy every time, but also supports ar mapping, which can be used anytime, anywhere and anytime Self made fun expression bag and relatives and friends, even based on the powerful AI algorithm, baidu input method also provides AI fighting map function. Every word you input and every word you type may be transformed into the form of expression package, which makes you invincible when fighting pictures. The actual experience effect is also extraordinary and pleasant. Often, I haven’t thought about how to return it to the opposite side. I’ve sent several expression packs in succession, No Be too happy. < / P > < p > for the majority of office workers, baidu input method also provides a meeting tool – Voice shorthand, as voice, multi person meeting voice recording all support, no longer need to worry about missing meeting content and lead to work errors, and in use, I also found another wonderful use of sonic recording, used to code words to write papers, open single voice shorthand mode, you said Every sentence can be accurately recognized and converted into words, and a thousand words can be coded in minutes, which is very suitable for lazy people like me. < / P > < p > in addition, baidu input method also connects several large IP addresses to create a set of ecological matrix, which has countless fans. Interested friends may as well download it and try it. I believe you will not be disappointed. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?