News from space, tianwen-1 will face the first problem and is ready to keep warm

According to the report of science and technology daily, China’s tianwen-1 has been in orbit for more than 80 days. Now China has officially entered autumn. The weather is gradually getting colder. People have changed from short sleeves in summer to long sleeves to keep warm. In addition, there are also news from space that the sun is quite a long distance away from Mars because it is getting closer and closer to Mars It will be the first problem tianwen-1 will face on its way to Mars. All this is expected by the researchers. Although it can not receive enough heat, tianwen-1 can use the solar energy to generate electricity. At present, it is well prepared for “keeping warm”. < / P > < p > although there is no air in space, it is in a vacuum state, but this does not mean that the space is in a constant temperature state. The farther away from the sun, the lower the natural temperature. The long-term low temperature is a very difficult problem for tianwen-1. There is a common problem in many electronic equipment, that is, when the temperature is too low or too hot, the phenomenon of “strike” often occurs. Therefore, Chinese researchers attach great importance to this point and install a self generating “warm keeping” system for tianwen-1, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the system It’s on to ensure the normal operation of tianwen-1. This is the first problem that China is facing in exploring Mars. At present, we have solved this problem. It will not be easy to explore Mars, but we have tried our best to avoid a lot of risks that may lead to the failure of Mars exploration. In fact, the problem of temperature has been considered for a long time. During the time when tianwen-1 was launched, its solar panels were always biased in order to avoid excessive power reserve and damage to the equipment due to its close proximity to the sun. In the process of operation, with the change of temperature, the solar panel is also constantly changing, which can effectively extend the life of the battery. Just like the battery of a mobile phone cannot be overcharged for a long time, in order to ensure the long-term use of the battery, the best way is to “charge less”. There is no way for the sun to “power off”. We can only adjust the solar panel to prevent overcharge and shorten the battery life. Up to now, tianwen-1 has flown more than 100 million kilometers. However, according to the data provided by the official building, the straight-line distance between tianwen-1 and the earth is only about 20 million kilometers. This is because it does not use the concept of the shortest straight line between two points to go to Mars. The earth and Mars will not stop circling the sun because of the launch of tianwen-1, so the earth will not be in place, nor will Mars. Tianwen-1 flies to Mars in an arc. Although the straight-line distance is not very far, we launched it at the nearest time from Mars Tianwen-1. This is the closest distance calculated by science. Chinese researchers have been working hard at the right launch date. Today, the successful launch of tianwen-1 is also a test of China’s science and technology. < p > < p > at present, tianwen-1 has successfully completed two orbit corrections. It is not because of the “derailment” caused by the problems of tianwen-1. The main purpose of orbit correction is to make tianwen-1 go to Mars more accurately according to the scheduled route, which will be safer and avoid many accidents. There are so many planets in space that their gravity will have an impact on the spacecraft, which is likely to deviate from its previous orbit. However, after orbit correction, the impact of these planets is negligible, and tianwen-1 will still follow its original route to Mars. For various reasons, on the one hand, people want to explore more resources, on the other hand, they also hope to find a more livable planet to relieve the pressure of the earth in recent years, or to find a final retreat for the future problems of the earth. There are tens of thousands of reasons. In fact, it is more curious about the unknown world. Every inch of land on the earth has been divided up by various countries. Although the vast universe of human beings have set foot, they have never really become masters. This is the main reason why human beings are not willing to give up the exploration of space for so many years. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia