News! RTX 30 series graphics card is coming, please get ready to get on

A few days ago, NVIDIA officially announced that Huang Renxun, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, will deliver a keynote speech at the geforce special event at 0:00 Beijing time on September 2, which has triggered a lot of speculation about the upcoming RTX 30 series graphics card, and new news is constantly exposed! < / P > < p > according to the previous news, the 12 pin interface uses 12V power supply, and the current of a single pin is 6-8.5a, but half of the pins are grounded, that is, in theory, the power supply capacity is at least 430W, and the peak value can reach 610W or more, which is equivalent to three or four traditional 8-pin interfaces. In other words, the power consumption of the high-end model of RTX 30 graphics card should not be less than 400W, or even higher, while the power consumption of the current RTX 2080 Ti whole card is 260W. < / P > < p > a few days ago, the “shape” of the RTX 3090 public card was also exposed, which was significantly larger than that of the RTX 2080. Although the specific parameters were not exposed, the performance and power consumption can be imagined < / P > < p > it has also been disclosed that in order to give way to the new card, high-end graphics cards such as RTX 2070 / 2070 super and 2080 super / 2080 Ti have been discontinued, and some of them have entered the clearance stage. There is also a lot of news that NVIDIA’s rtx30 new generation graphics card will continue to rise in price, just like previous generations of graphics cards have kept rising in price. This time, maybe rtx3090 can sell for more than 10000 yuan, which is more expensive than rtx2080ti in the previous two years. Of course, the price information, we still have to see the official announcement. < / P > < p > however, combined with the phenomenon that NVIDIA’s rtx20 Series graphics card has been discontinued earlier and rtx30 may be listed at a high price, many users who want to start rtx20 Series graphics card are still holding their money and waiting. Older posts →