Ni Guangnan: there is a long way to go for the construction of network security ecology. The core technology can’t be bought or exchanged!

“Network information technology is the field of technological innovation with the most concentrated R & D investment, the most active innovation, the most extensive application, and the largest radiation and driving role, and the competitive highland of global technological innovation.” Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at the Huawei security business alliance 2.0 Summit on August 8. < / P > < p > in recent years, China has made breakthroughs in many key core technologies, and the key core technologies in the field of Netcom are still under the control of others. Ni Guangnan shared two views on independent innovation in the field of network security. < / P > < p > first, give up fantasy and realize that core technology can’t be bought or exchanged. Network security is the foundation of digital world, and autonomous control is the key foundation of network security. If there is no self-control ability, the other side can use man-made loopholes to attack from the back door, and the defense equipment can be penetrated as soon as possible, so it is impossible to protect the network security. Ni Guangnan said that the core technology can’t be relied on by buying or exchanging, but ultimately it depends on itself. < p > < p > Second, the field of computer technology should continue to guide efficient innovation. Patent application situation is a way to objectively reflect the degree of innovation. From the macro level, in the past two decades, China has developed rapidly in the field of computer technology. In 2018, our patents in the field of computer information technology were twice as many as those in the United States, indicating that China’s innovation ability in the field of computer information technology is developing rapidly. Ni Guangnan pointed out, but we can’t be arrogant blindly. There are still problems behind the number. Like intelligent terminal operation, we have enough innovation, but not strong enough. He analyzed that patents in the United States are mainly applied by oligarchs, just as Microsoft’s patents for solving similar problems are less repetitive. There are as many as 15 manufacturers engaged in operating system development in China. Each company has its own patent application for different solutions to the same problem. Therefore, although the number is large, it can not quickly form an advantage. Previously, we promoted the establishment of China’s intelligent terminal operating system industry alliance to solve this problem. Now, in the field of network security, this problem also exists in many categories, many manufacturers and scattered technologies, without forming a joint force. Looking forward to the future, the ecological construction of network security has a long way to go. General Secretary Xi pointed out that without network security, there would be no national security. The network security industry needs healthy development and rapid development. The most effective way is to build the network security ecology in the form of alliance, help the leading manufacturers in the industry to grow rapidly, focus on breaking through key technologies, and reduce repeated investment in technology. < p > < p > finally, Ni Guangnan said that he hoped that all of you who are involved in the development of network security industry should focus on their energy, adhere to the way of independent research and development and patent application, and continuously strengthen their technical advantages in their respective fields. When they have the ability to make long-term investment, they should also invest in the future to build independent and controllable capabilities. Only in advance of the layout, long-term adherence, and continuous accumulation, can we overtake on the curve when the opportunity comes, and achieve the final victory. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

Author: zmhuaxia