Night of stars oppo reno5 series released to record every beautiful moment with portable technology

On December 10, oppo held a “starry night” new product release show of oppo reno5 series, and officially released the first reno5 series mobile phone equipped with FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, recording every beautiful moment of life with portable technology and “mortal star”. At the press conference, oppo vice president and global marketing president Liu lie shared oppo’s thinking on images and technology. Liu Li said: “oppo always believes that the charm of science and technology should not only stay on the hard core parameters. We also think that the power of technology can not be demonstrated only through efficiency and speed. All the efforts and efforts made by oppo are for you Feel more beautiful and moving in life. This time, through the breakthrough imaging technology made on reno5 series, it can not only be photos, but also videos, recording every highlight moment in your life, because in reno5’s lens, every you are so radiant and beautiful. ” At the same time, Ouyang Nana, Chen man, Chun Nan and Zhou Dongyu were invited to share the new design and image experience of oppo reno5 series to the public. < / P > < p > in a melodious Cello Sound, Ouyang Nana performed a brilliant visual feast for everyone, and oppo reno5 series also appeared. “We are born to shine. Instead of waiting for the sun to shine, let yourself be a shining star. Just like you on each side, you can be as bright and colorful as a star diamond. Brilliant, the Star River dreams, because you shine Ouyang Nana’s monologue is the dream of every “mortal star”, and we all hope to be the focus of the crowd. Like reno5 series of new star river dream color, Star Diamond technology brings a glittering and shining back cover, so that the colorful and changeable fuselage can shine heartily. After that, Chen man shared her understanding of beauty, “you are the unique you, but in the lens of people who understand you, your beauty is more shining. Because in the eyes of those who understand you, you will shine. ” In addition, you can enhance the beauty of the environment by using the front lighting and the back lighting of 3200 megapixels, and the beautiful lighting of the back of the AI series. < p > < p > in the big show released, Chunnan explored the relationship between AI beauty and natural beauty. Reno5 series is equipped with AI beauty technology, according to the real make-up steps: face judgment, makeup, concealer, shaping and makeup, matching the most suitable makeup scheme for every user, achieving almost the same natural effect as real makeup. Even, reno5 series also provides you with 8 times 100 levels of beauty custom options, let your beauty “thousands of people, thousands of faces.”. The beauty strength of oppo reno5 series is also recognized by Chunnan, “the process of creating beauty is rigorous and professional. Thousands of times of practice is my secret to make-up. The AI algorithm behind the reno5 series of water mirrors is a secret weapon that makes you shine from the inside out. Thanks to science and technology, let the perceptual cause present more rationally. ” As a new “three gold film queen”, Zhou Dongyu wants to become a Vlogger who can take pictures of her life, because many characters in the script are not as full and rich as the real life. “Let reno5’s lens, that layer of light from inside to outside, record every step of life story, every highlight moment, truly and naturally move yourself and others. Because, in Reno’s eyes, you shine. ” Oppo reno5 series opens a new portrait video track with professional FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, so that we will not miss every moment in our life that is hard to return. In oppo’s view, science and technology are the means and talents are the purpose. Scientific and technological innovation should not be for the sake of competition, but for the performance itself to provide more intimate experience for everyone, but also to convey a spiritual strength to everyone. Liu Li said, “oppo reno5 Pro will be the best choice for you to shoot videos. Oppo will be together to record the most worthy people in 2020 and experience every luminous power under the lens of reno5 Pro portrait video.” < / P > < p > as a new product of the Reno series of 5g video mobile phones, reno5 series focuses on portrait video shooting, and carries oppo FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system for the first time, so that AI can capture video beauty and realize more natural and fine portrait beautification. The newly upgraded AI video enhancement and video super anti shake 3.0 make the portrait in dark light, backlight and sports scenes as clear, stable and full of texture. The more shiny “Star Diamond” technology, combined with more colorful and changeable color performance, makes every angle of the fuselage shine like a star river. On the basis of maintaining 7.6 mm light and thin fuselage, reno5 Pro has a battery capacity of 4350 MAH, which can achieve better combination of lightweight and endurance. The Reno5 series provides a full range of lightness and smooth experience. Reno5 Pro and Reno5 have passed the 30 month system anti-aging test of Theil laboratory, and have made deep game optimization with the Royal glory official joint technology debugging. < / P > < p > in addition, in addition to mobile phones, oppo also released co branded products of the Forbidden City: oppo Watch New Year’s edition of the Forbidden City, oppo enco x Palace Museum Fuqi edition, and oppo smart TV Palace Museum customized wallpaper and theme. < / P > < p > according to the reporter, there are three colors in oppo reno5 series: Star River dreams, Aurora blue and moon night black. Among them, reno5 Pro also introduces xingyuanhong as the new year’s edition. The price of reno5 Pro 8GB + 128GB version is 3399 yuan, and that of 12gb + 256gb version is 3799 yuan. The price of reno5 8GB + 128GB version is 2699 yuan, and that of 12gb + 256gb version is 2999 yuan. Reno5 series of Xinghe dream, Aurora blue and moonnight black will be launched on December 18, 2020 in Huantai mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning and other online channels, as well as oppo experience store, exclusive store, cooperation business hall of the three operators, Suning, Gome, DiXinTong, Shundian and other offline stores. The red version of reno5 Pro will be sold online and offline in all channels on December 29, with a price of 3399 yuan. The new Jubilee edition of oppo watch is priced at 1999 yuan, while the Fuqi edition of oppo enco x is priced at 999 yuan. The reservation will be opened on December 10, and it will be officially sold online and offline on December 29. The theme and wallpaper of the Palace Museum will also be fully launched on oppo smart TV on December 29. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”