Nikon D6 releases firmware update to improve viewfinder focus and solve a lot of problems

· when connected to the wireless network via the WT 6 wireless transmitter installed in the camera, the user can now select the frequency band for the host SSID. The frequency band is listed in the network selection dialog box of the connection wizard and the wired LAN / wt display after the connection is finished. < / P > < p > · the wt-6 wireless transmitter cannot be used to join the wireless network with SSID containing spaces, semicolons, and signs or backslashes. < / P > < p > · when the custom setting F9 in the custom setting menu is selected as + 0 -, The overexposure and underexposure indicators in the viewfinder are reversed; < / P > < p > · if the custom setting A5 in the custom settings menu is selected as focus and AF area mode, the camera is in the portrait direction and the standby timer time is exhausted, and then rotate the camera to the landscape direction before reactivating the standby timer, The camera will not return to the AF area mode previously selected for the landscape direction, but will switch to the AF area mode selected when the camera is in the portrait direction; < / P > < p > · the customizable setting D12 in the custom setting menu is selected as the number of frames that can be shot, and the number of frames that can be shot in the back control panel will be displayed. < / P > < p > · AF fine tuning options can be used for AF-S Nicole 180-400mm f / 4E tc1.4 fl Ed VR lens only saves one trimming value: the user can save the value when using the built-in range increaser or when not in use, but both cannot be saved at the same time. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer