Nikon Z 6, a new choice for vlog shooting

As more and more people use video to record their lives, vlog video is born. Many photography enthusiasts have joined the ranks of vlog video shooting, but there is still a big difference between video shooting and still image shooting. How can we use the equipment in hand to shoot an ideal vlog video? Let’s take Nikon Z 6 as an example to share with you the shooting skills of vlog video. The essence of vlog video is to share life, so it is very important to shoot your own perspective in vlog video. With the good focusing performance of Nikon Z 6 and Nicole Z 14-30mm f / 4 S, a good shooting experience can be obtained. Z 6 uses all the information of focus to automatically detect and focus the main shooting object. When “auto area AF face detection” is selected as “on”, the camera will automatically detect the face. If there are multiple faces, the user can select the face to focus on. However, if only the self shot picture of the vlog video is too monotonous, it can increase the richness of the vlog video by adding some pictures of the surrounding environment into the picture. The Z 6 also provides excellent video capture performance, allowing you to capture amazing 4K UHD / 30p video, making full use of the image area in FX format. When shooting video in FX based format, it can output a sharper 4K UHD video clip due to its full pixel reading, and can output rich information equivalent to 6K. At the same time, the camera can also record Full HD 120P / 100p video with audio, providing more options in post production. At the same time, it has the function of capturing 4 times and 5 times slow motion of Full HD, which makes your shooting more diversified. < / P > < p > the shooting of vlog video is usually done by one person, so the light enough shooting equipment can make it easier for the photographer to complete the creation. The Z6 camera body is about 585g. It can be used with the same lightweight Nicole Z series lens to help you shoot the ideal picture effect. < / P > < p > of course, shooting vlog video needs our rich creative support to have enough wonderful effect, which requires the photographer’s hard work. I hope you can gain something from this article. Skip to content