Nikon Z50 Mini professional micro single camera meets vlog users

Nikon Z50 adopts APS-C 20.9 million pixel sensor design, and the image is very solid. The continuous shooting speed of the camera can reach 11fps, but the continuous shooting duration is not too high. The camera has 209 phase focusing and eye focusing functions. It supports 4K 30p video without cutting and 120P upgrade video shooting ability in full HD. Now the price of the camera set is 6849 yuan. < / P > < p > from the front, because the inner diameter of Z bayonet is 55mm, which is now the largest 135 picture bayonet, the fuselage bayonet of Nikon Z50 is quite exaggerated. However, the size of the camera itself is relatively small, and the body weight is only 450g. If it is equipped with a 16-50mm lens, the overall weight is only 585g, which can be said to be very light. < / P > < p > the screen of the camera can be folded backward 180 degrees, which is the first Nikon screen to support 180 degree folding, which is very suitable for daily shooting. This is very helpful for vlog filming, especially for self portraits. In terms of interface, the camera has a microphone interface and uses USB 2.0 interface, but it also supports USB charging. < / P > < p > Nikon Z50 is indeed a mini professional micro single camera. It is very small in size and has obvious advantages in weight. Compared with most APS-C frame cameras on the market, it has great advantages. In addition, the camera’s high sensitivity, noise control and image sharpness are excellent, which can meet the needs of professional users. Video shooting ability is also commendable, enough to meet the needs of current vlog users. Heart, as soon as order. Science Discovery