No bangs full screen + flip lens, ASUS zenfone 7 Series exposure

As the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer and a well-known computer brand in China, Asus has been involved in the field of smart phones for a long time. But now, the only thing often mentioned is its Rog game phone. ASUS zenfone series for more people has not been paid much attention in China, but the new zenfone The latest news of 7 makes this mobile phone very unique. I will take you to have a brief understanding today.

according to the information exposed on the Internet, ASUS zenfone 7 is divided into two models, zenfone 7 and zenfone 7 Pro. The modeling of these two models will adopt the same way, that is, the flip camera system. This flipped camera system has been similar designed by domestic brands before, but it soon left the historical dance. Nowadays, the mainstream flagship basically adopts the perforated screen design, and only a few models adopt the lifting camera design. According to the current situation, there will be no off screen camera before next year.

after the introduction of the flip camera system on the zenfone 6, ASUS seems ready to use this design on the ASUS zenfone 7 series models, which can not only bring a better front-end shooting experience, but also provide a true full-scale screen on the front. However, it is worth noting that the disadvantages of this method are also very obvious. More operation is required for self shooting. At the same time, although the durability of the flip camera system is no problem, there is also the problem of ash feeding.

it is reported that zenfone7 and zenfone 7 Pro may have two colors, black and white, and the flip lens adopts dual camera. In other aspects, the zenfone7 series may also support off-screen fingerprints. It is more likely to carry snapdragon 865, and it may also carry high-frequency snapdragon 865 +. Other details are not yet clear. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the zenfone7 series will learn from the popular way to release models and launch zenfone 7 Pro + later.

at present, it is not clear when the ASUS zenfone 7 / 7 Pro will be released. However, according to the current information, the pricing of ASUS zenfone 7 series will be lower than that of ASUS Rog game phone 3. Rog only has a certain degree of attention in China, which is obviously not asus’s goal. I hope the ASUS zenfone 7 series can bring more heat to ASUS mobile phones.

Author: zmhuaxia