No choice phobia in 2020

Glory is a very young brand. Glory has only entered the notebook industry for three years, but it has brought us unprecedented innovation and breakthrough. Although amd was established as early as the 1960s, its real rise was after the ryzen sharp dragon processor was launched in 2017. The cooperation between glory and AMD naturally requires high cost performance. What we recommend for you today is the honor Ruilong edition notebook computer cost performance ranking in 2020. < p > < p > reasons for being on the list: glory magicbook Pro is equipped with AMD sharp dragon 7 4800h processor, and a 7Nm standard pressure mobile processor is embedded in the lightweight book, which makes the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version have incomparable strong performance in the same gear. The Ruilong version of glory magicbook Pro has almost the same configuration as the game book, but it has a lighter fuselage: in addition to the standard shark fin 2.0 fan of the glory magicbook series, it also has a double heat pipe design with six temperature sensors to monitor the internal temperature of the body in real time, so as to ensure the performance release of the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version. < p > < p > reasons for being on the list: the Ruilong edition of glory magicbook 15 focuses on high cost performance. As an entry-level 15.6-inch metal lightweight book, the Ruilong edition of glory magicbook 15 has a strong innovation gene, which adds luster to the work, study and entertainment life of young people. The 15 ° HD version of the flash screen is able to support both large and large-scale flash screens, such as the flash screen and the flash screen. The power adapter of the glory magicbook 15 is only 160g, which can support 65W fast charging, and the charger can also be used for super fast charging of mobile phones. < p > < p > reasons for being on the list: the glory magic book 14 sharp dragon version is light and beautiful, with a total weight of only 1.38kg. For the post-95s white-collar workers or students after two or three-point-line, this weight will not produce a great burden. Glory Magic Book The product design of Ruilong version is humanized: dimple dual mic design, microphone is facing the user, to ensure good radio effect; fingerprint one button login, fingerprint and power button two in one, boot to complete the fingerprint identification process, the steps are simple, time is shorter; hidden camera head, make the screen share greatly increased, the width of the upper border reduced, but also prevent the camera from being private Self calling to ensure the safety of users. As the main force of the new generation of notebook industry, glory has strong innovation strength, and multi screen collaboration is the most prominent performance. The multi screen collaboration function shows us the keen insight of glory. The ecological products of glory can be interconnected. The bridge between notebook computer and mobile phone is multi screen collaboration. We only need to put the glory mobile phone close to the magic link label of the glory notebook, and then we can control the mobile phone by the notebook computer, and then carry out the transmission of documents and drawings and document editing. Powerful software R & D strength combined with AMD processor’s advantages of high performance and low price, as well as software and hardware cooperation, make the performance price advantage of glory notebook more prominent. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo