No matter how top the line is, it’s useless now

Because it’s dusty, it doesn’t work properly, and it’s not easy to repair. The band switch of my machine has been on the left FM band for too long, and now it’s stuck. < / P > < p > however, looking back at the time when it was just launched and I just put it into my pocket, it was really a dream radio. With a rod antenna alone, I can get a lot of ham links across the country, and it’s easy to receive shortwave radio signals. As a top-notch desktop radio, the rf-2900 performs well. When a real external antenna is connected to it, it is a powerful machine suitable for receiving remote signals. < / P > < p > some people have complained about the SSB reception performance of the rf-2900, but with the help of the beat frequency tuning knob, I don’t remember any difficulties in listening to ham communication. The selectivity of this machine is excellent, and the performance of medium wave reception is also very good. The loudspeakers were loud. It even has an MPX output port for users who want to decode FM subcarriers. < / P > < p > the Panasonic rf-2900 radio has a domineering appearance, with handles on both sides of the body, so it is very simple to carry the radio. All knobs are black with silver trim. The power switch is very sensitive, this machine uses 6 batteries, but the power consumption is not big. < / P > < p > today, the “analog” frequency display screen of this machine is basically useless, and the display error is very large, but if you forget the frequency band, this screen can also display the band of amateur radio and short wave radio. The large tuning knob has two tuning speeds, fast and slow. Before the gear parts are in disrepair for a long time, before all parts become tight and squeak, its tuning feel is perfect. Since these gears are located under the main radio panel and are enclosed in a plastic case, it is a huge work to lubricate or calibrate the tuning mechanism. This may be the second defect of Panasonic rt-2900 radio after long-term use. < / P > < p > of course, one of the selling points of the rf-2900 is the digital display with blue fluorescence. Although it can only show the frequency of listening roughly, it is a function for the future era. This machine also has a short wave frequency calibration controller, whenever you switch on or switch the band, you have to calibrate the frequency. The analog band dial just reminds you where to find WWV stations, which is also a subtle hint that you need to do a short wave frequency calibration before tuning the frequency. Since the highest meter band of this machine starts at 16mhz, this method is not easy to use unless you can receive WWV radio at 20 MHz. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine