No more obsession with paper books! E-poetry database officially launched

“As a poet, Du Fu was not so prominent in the Tang Dynasty, and his poetry was truly recognized as a classic in the Song Dynasty. In addition to Du Fu, there are many great poets at home and abroad, whose achievements and status are revealed only after his death or even several generations later. Poetry canonization has always been a long and difficult thing. Nowadays, the Internet can not only simulate the mechanism of poetry canonization, but also greatly improve the efficiency of poetry canonization, so that excellent poets can be found and disseminated in time It is accepted by the large readers. ” On August 16, Jin Shikai, editor in chief of China Poetry website, said that the project of China Electronic poetry collection database not only provides ordinary poets with professional publishing services and opportunities to publish their works on the Internet, but also has far-reaching significance in poetry communication. It is reported that the e-poetry database has been online on the Chinese poetry website. As one of the first batch of e-poetry collections, the poets Zou Jin, Wang Jianzhao, Hu Xian and Nian Weiyang successfully uploaded their e-poetry collections. On the one hand, the database reduces the publishing threshold, salvaging the “lost beads” that are blocked out of the public view by the traditional paper publishing process, and on the other hand, it optimizes the reading and commenting experience, and provides readers with a poetry feast with wide representation and excellent selection. According to Li Shaojun, editor in chief, at the beginning of this year, when the epidemic broke out, the reading volume of China Poetry website increased sharply, from the original daily maximum of more than 500000 to a maximum of one million per day. The increase and decrease of < / P > < p > makes the e-poetry anthology that I always wanted to do more important. After several months of preparation, the e-poetry database jointly launched by liming media and China Poetry network was officially launched. < / P > < p > “we adopt the international electronic publishing mode. First of all, we provide electronic reading according to the requirements of readers. If the reading volume is large, or if there is a demand for paper books and the subscription amount is relatively large, then we will publish paper poetry anthologies, which is a direction of future publication.” Li Shaojun said. < / P > < p > poetry is short and concise, with full words and endless meanings, and it pays attention to the answers and exchanges between poets; the Internet also dominates the mainstream market with wechat, microblog and other “micro” applications, especially focusing on the social attributes of interaction and sharing. In contrast, poetry naturally has Internet gene. This is also the case in fact. Among all kinds of literary forms such as novels and essays, only the online communication of poetry has reached the level comparable to that of paper books. When the Internet was introduced into China, literature was its first application. Up to now, only the creation, dissemination, reading and evaluation system of poetry, which is deeply influenced by the Internet, has been deeply integrated with the Internet. ” Jin Shikai thinks. E-poetry database is also in line with the development law of poetry itself. There are always some objective factors, such as interpersonal communication, that affect the evaluation of poetry below the line. On the Internet, the spirit and value of comments can be more reflected, and the process of “canonization” of a poem can be truly simulated: opinion leaders, ordinary readers, commentators, and the media. Their attention, praise, forwarding and comments can enlarge the exposure efficiency of a work to varying degrees. As a result, good poetry is not buried because the circle is not big enough, and bad poetry is not easily recognized by a few people with rhythm. < / P > < p > the above are the advantages of e-poetry collection for creators. It is not only easier to publish, but also fairly and equally accept the flow test on the same platform. In addition, poetry anthologies can better reflect the stable and overall creative level than single poems, so that readers can understand the background, emotional characteristics and creative source of their works. < / P > < p > for readers, the image and text push of e-poetry collection makes reading more convenient; secondly, online poetry collection is checked by authority, and good quality control reduces the waste of time on the selection of works. < / P > < p > “China e-poetry database will become a comprehensive service platform integrating copyright management, new book publishing, e-book purchasing, sales, reading and knowledge discovery.” Jinshikai expects that the platform will help more writers fulfill their dreams of poets and writers, and make pioneering and leading contributions to the prosperity and promotion of Chinese poetry. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?