No one can make up the number of three lenses. These real-life samples of reno4 Pro are beautiful to the heart

When it comes to mobile phones that win by beauty and photo taking, many people will think of oppo reno4 series. Among them, reno4 Pro is particularly outstanding. This mobile phone is not only “beautiful but not powerful” in appearance, but also a 5g mobile phone with very strong imaging ability. Many online photography enthusiasts have started a “practical exercise” with reno4 pro. Let’s learn about the shooting ability of this mobile phone through some sample photos. < p > < p > reno4 Pro didn’t adopt the post four shot method, but adopted the three shot scheme steadfastly, which was called “no one can count the lens” by netizens. The three lenses are 48 million pixel main camera, 13 million pixel long focus lens and 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens. Each lens performs its own duties and cooperates with each other, which can bring excellent shooting performance. < / P > < p > in the face of a well lit shooting scene, the 48 megapixel main camera of reno4 Pro gives full play to its advantages of high resolution. From several groups of natural scenery blockbusters shared by the netizen @ Carson, we can see that the mobile phone is very delicate in handling the details, and the cottages in the mountains and the ripples in the sea are clearly visible. At the same time, due to the characteristics of high-definition pixels, the picture is still clear even after zooming in, which will allow more space for later cutting and create more freedom.

is not only the main performance awesome, Reno4 Pro equipped with 12 million ultra wide angle +1300 long focal length lens is also giving strength, two photos show very broad vision, but also continue to high saturation color adjustment style, make the screen feel more transparent, pure degree higher, the overall impression is quite good. < p > < p > reno4 Pro is also very outstanding in dark scenes. The imx708 ultra wide angle night scene lens is built into the machine. In combination with the “moonlight night scene video algorithm” developed by oppo for a year, it can bring more bright and clear night scene photos. Netizen @ michell-q photographed this city sunset picture, the brightness and purity of the picture are quite excellent. After zooming in, you can see that the mobile phone handles the details and the lighting control is also in place. From the appearance, it can be called a painting. < / P > < p > in the sample photo below, the lights are bright and neon is flashing. You can see all the background of your eyes under the lens of reno4 pro. After seeing the photo, you really have the illusion of taking a picture by hand, and you can’t see any noise defect. However, reno4 Pro does not always enhance the brightness, and it is also quite good at restoring some details. On the basis of maintaining the fullness of the building lighting, the dark details can also be kept relatively complete, presenting a good urban night scene. < / P > < p > according to several actual samples taken by netizens, oppo reno4 Pro can take pictures with great cinematic quality both in the daytime and at night by virtue of its uneven number of three shots and good camera tuning skills. However, the charm of oppo reno4 Pro is far more than the level of photography. Thanks to the super video anti shake technology, its video shooting effect is also very satisfactory, stable and clean. Finally, with a light and thin fuselage and a 90hz refresh rate screen I can’t stop thinking about it. < / P > < p > if you like to take pictures, oppo reno4 Pro is definitely a good choice. The student party, who plans to start, has many benefits recently. During the period from August 29th to September 13th, Alipay students and college entrance examination students could buy a 5G mobile phone plus wireless headset meal at OPPO stores, and enjoy a maximum of 500 yuan reduction. There are 12 phases of interest free installments. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!