No talk? US media: both sides have not issued a statement on the first space security talks between the United States and Russia

According to the US report on July 27, the United States and Russia held the first space security talks since 2013 on July 27 local time, and the two sides fought over how to prevent the increasingly militarized space.

according to the report, trump administration officials hope that the meeting in Vienna will establish a set of voluntary guidelines for space operations, and may also establish a new communication channel for space officials of both sides to contact each other.

but Russia advocates another way: a formal treaty against the deployment of weapons in space, which reflects Moscow’s long-standing efforts to prevent the United States from developing a space-based anti missile defense system.

it is reported that the US military relies heavily on its intelligence and communications satellites. Both sides have been improving their military capabilities in space operations, with a focus on reducing the vulnerability of space assets. Last year, U.S. President trump urged Congress to establish a space force, the sixth U.S. force under the jurisdiction of the air force.

last week, the United States and Britain accused Russia of carrying out an anti satellite weapon test on July 15, when a Russian satellite in orbit launched a projectile. But the Russian Defense Ministry denied that.

in April this year, Russia tested the land-based anti satellite system at the Plesetsk base in the north. In April or July, no targets were destroyed, which prevented debris from spreading in orbit.

it was reported that Washington was even more worried that US officials said in February that two Russian satellites were operating near a US kh-11 spy satellite.

Christopher Ford, a senior State Department official, said the treaty proposed by Russia is difficult to verify and will not cover Russia’s land-based anti satellite weapons. The goal, he said, should be to develop a “code of responsible conduct.”.

the space conference reinforces the view of the United States that legal treaties are not ends. In addition, talks on arms control were held in Vienna this week aimed at a possible agreement to replace it.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said last week that Russia’s goal remains to “not deploy any weapons in outer space.”.

Author: zmhuaxia