No Tashan plan! Huawei Hisilicon is brewing a new plan: direct transformation without waiting for lithography machine!

Introduction: on August 12, all major media were filled with news about Huawei’s Tashan plan, and the source of the news was the information from microblog bloggers. What Huawei Tashan plans to say is that Huawei is about to build a 45nm chip production line without us technology. It sounds very good and powerful, but what problem can this solve? Without American technology, there will be no technology from Europe, Japan and South Korea? The mate 30 series, which claims to have no US chips, is actually just replacing some core chips with Japanese and Korean ones. < p > < p > the strategic goal of Huawei’s “Tashan plan”, which is circulated on the Internet, is to realize the overall independent control of semiconductor technology from the whole process of chip design and manufacturing. Moreover, the details of the first 16 companies in the “Tashan plan” have also been disclosed. However, according to surging news reports, at present, Huawei Hisilicon insiders denied the news, saying that there was no “Tashan plan” inside. < / P > < p > moreover, the blogger also deleted the microblog! It seems that this is another piece of false news. However, such a false news, also occupied so many social public resources, I do not know whether it is a good thing! However, what is the gap between China’s semiconductor technology and foreign countries? On August 4, Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC, said at the China third generation semiconductor development opportunity exchange meeting that “the gap between Chinese and foreign semiconductors is not big, and I believe it can be caught up with.” In fact, at present, we do not have to worry too much about the technical blockade of the United States and other countries. Over the years, we have achieved a leap from 0 to 1 in many fields. Even in chip packaging and testing, we still have technical advantages. Zhang Rujing also said that the gap in semiconductor materials is not very big. However, we need to be aware that there is still a big gap in semiconductor equipment, such as photolithography! In fact, the design of lithography is still based on high-precision manufacturing technology, which has always been a short board in China. It’s really embarrassing to have ideas that can’t be created! < p > < p > according to IC insights, in the first half of this year, Huawei Hisilicon ranked among the top 10 semiconductors in the world for the first time, with revenue of $5.25 billion, up 49% year-on-year. Moreover, Huawei Hisilicon is the fastest growing domestic semiconductor enterprise among the top 10. However, previously, Yu Chengdong also said that “Kirin 9000 will become the unique song of Huawei Hisilicon chip”. However, Hisilicon can’t stand still. According to digital blogger Chang’an digital, Huawei Hisilicon has set up a screen driver chip department, which will take the screen driver chip as a new breakthrough. If you can’t wait for the lithography machine, transforming the production of screen driver chip is also a very good choice. Although China has become a big country of screen production and export, the screen driver mainly relies on import. Although the screen driver chip is not as complex as the processor chip design, with the development of cloud computing, big data, 5g and other high-tech technologies, the screen driver chip is the key and core of the screen. At present, the screen driver chip is still dominated by Korea and Japan. In the future, Hisilicon may let us see a new miracle. < / P > < p > integrated circuit is an industry with thousands of wisdom. It is impossible to rely on a few big bulls or a few big enterprises to launch Chinese chips. What is needed is the joint efforts of the whole chip manufacturing industry chain. However, Huawei has set a good example for us. Today, the development of science and technology in China has ushered in a new period of development opportunities. The more pressure there is, the more rational we should look at the gap, see progress rationally, and see hope rationally. History tells us that blind advance and blind retreat will not have good fruit to eat. Science Discovery