Nokia is not dead, and has released a new mobile phone. The configuration is touching

I believe you should understand the cruelty of China’s mobile phone market. We may not be able to count the brands that have disappeared in recent years.

especially with the rise of our domestic brands, the civil war of mobile phone brands is very fierce. Various brands are fighting in a sea of blood, with white swords and red swords coming out.

for foreign mobile phone brands, they can’t bear without localization advantages. They gradually become others and gradually withdraw from the Chinese market, such as Sony, Motorola and so on.

but Xiaohu has recently discovered a mobile phone brand that may be the least favored by people, but it is living very well in the Chinese market. He is the king of the era of function machine, Nokia.

speaking of Nokia, I don’t know if you have any impression. It once dominated the mobile phone market, but suddenly it was hit by the boom of smart phones and suddenly collapsed overnight

I believe that many of the Post-70s, 80s and 90s still have a lot of feelings for Nokia. Today, let’s have a plate of “you die and I’m not dead”.

but few people will think that Nokia has launched a smart phone, Nokia C3, in the Chinese market, where mobile phones of many large manufacturers can’t be sold.

but the price of 699 yuan is still very affordable. Although the configuration is a little lower than other thousand yuan machines in China, the feelings are priceless, right? It’s not a loss to smash walnuts.

first of all, its processor uses Ziguang zhanrui 8 core processor and Ziguang zhanrui sc9863a chip. Yes, it uses domestic processor.

although it is estimated that this processor will only use micro blog cards, Xiaohu seems to see hope. After all, in terms of processors, more and more Hisense will be born in China, the better.

it’s estimated that many people don’t understand. There is a subsidiary of Ziguang zhanrui called ZHANXUN. We can still see it in the era when 4G began to popularize.

but with the progress of processors such as Qualcomm, MediaTek and Hisilicon, it has gradually disappeared in the smartphone industry. It is only occasionally carried on some very low-end mobile phones, but it is not seen in the market.

but Ziguang zhanrui is still glowing in terms of function machines. For example, before the launch of this mobile phone, Nokia released a lot of function machines with 4G network, that is, using the purple light zhanrui processor. It did not completely withdraw from the market, but was waiting for an opportunity.

but this time it is adopted by Nokia, Ziguang zhanrui seems to usher in another opportunity. With the investment of national large fund and the good news of domestic 6nm chip research and development, we seem to see the hope of domestic chips again.

in addition to the chip, the Nokia phone also has 3 + 32GB storage, 0.5 Lu charging, and mirco USB charging port, which are very common configurations in a 100 yuan machine.

and the design of the removable battery is quite suitable for the standby machine. After all, when the battery is out of power, the battery can continue to be charged, which is faster than the current 100 W charging speed.

in addition, another highlight of the mobile phone is the addition of an entity shortcut key. It is officially said that you can pay as you like with one button, and double-click the key to pay directly through wechat. But I think it’s very awkward. Is it not fragrant to directly set the power button and volume key to increase the integrity of the appearance?

of course, he has a 5.99-inch large screen, fingerprint identification, and native Android 10.0. There’s nothing to say. It’s a 100 yuan mobile phone.

but it seems that the breath of Nokia’s king is still there. Even though it has been sold twice and its return to the smartphone market in 16 years, the result is not surprising, but Nokia still seems not to be called. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia