Nokia is very radical, off screen camera + snapdragon 875 + 16g storage, familiar with Nokia back

In the era of smart phones entering the era of full screen mobile phones, the more shocking the visual effects of mobile phones, the more they can catch the attention of consumers in the first time. Therefore, in order to create a more extreme full screen mobile phone, mobile phone manufacturers can say that they have done their best. However, through the continuous research and development of mobile phone manufacturers in the past two years, the visual effect of full screen mobile phones has been greatly improved. < / P > < p > Nokia mobile phone is a mobile phone manufacturer that we are not unfamiliar with. At the same time, Nokia mobile phone has had a brilliant era. In terms of product development and design, Nokia mobile phone used to be a powerful force in the industry, and has brought numerous classic products to the industry, and these products bear the youth of many people. Although today’s Nokia mobile phone no longer has the influence of that year, there are still many people who hope that it can return to the king. Recently, a group of conceptual drawings of Nokia’s flagship new machine have been exposed on the Internet. The appearance and hardware design of this machine are very radical. Let’s have a look. < / P > < p > Nokia is radical! In terms of appearance design, according to the exposed concept map, this new Nokia flagship is no longer conservative. The front of the phone adopts a real and comprehensive screen design with more powerful visual effect. Due to the integration of off screen camera technology, the front camera of the mobile phone is integrated under the screen. Therefore, with the help of off screen camera technology, the whole front of the mobile phone appears particularly clean and concise. In addition, the Nokia flagship new machine also uses a 6.7-inch screen, and the black edge of the screen is handled extremely well, so the proportion of the whole mobile phone’s screen has also increased unprecedentedly. < / P > < p > in the back design of the mobile phone, it is reported that the new generation of Corning gorilla glass is used in this Nokia flagship new model, and after 2.5D process polishing, the whole back of the mobile phone appears full of texture and looks very grand. In terms of camera, this Nokia flagship new machine adopts the design of rear three camera, which is arranged in the upper left corner of the back of the mobile phone. At the same time, it adopts the current mainstream “matrix module” design, so the camera module design of the mobile phone is very in line with the public aesthetic. Although the exposure level did not mention the specific parameters of the rear three camera, if this is the case, I believe that with Nokia’s training strength, the camera’s photographic performance will not let everyone down. < / P > < p > in terms of core hardware, it is reported that the Nokia flagship new machine is equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 875 mobile platform. It is learned that the snapdragon 875 adopts the 5 nm EUV process, integrates a new generation of CPU architecture, and cooperates with the new generation of snapdragon X60 5g baseband. Therefore, with the support of the snapdragon 875, the core performance of the device will surely usher in a qualitative leap. In addition, in order to ensure the comprehensive experience of the mobile phone, the mobile phone has built-in 16g storage. If this is the case, the system experience and multi task operation of the machine will be more comfortable with the addition of 16g storage. Nokia is radical! < / P > < p > the familiar Nokia is back! Although the popularity of today’s Nokia mobile phone is not as good as before, but rich design experience makes Nokia mobile phone still a powerful mobile phone manufacturer. The above exposure of this Nokia flagship new machine, the addition of off-screen camera technology has brought an unprecedented visual effect, making the appearance of the whole mobile phone can not be underestimated, especially the support of core hardware such as snapdragon 875 and 16g storage, which makes the comprehensive hardware configuration of the machine very strong. If the above exposure of this Nokia flagship new machine is true, the familiar Nokia is back! Finally, what do you think of this new Nokia flagship? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!