Nokia shows the strength of Huawei mate 40

With the ever-changing mobile phone market, Samsung, Huawei and apple have become three well-known mobile phone manufacturers, and have become the king of the industry. Of course, oppo, vivo and Xiaomi are not willing to be outdone, and they have also made great achievements through active exploration in recent years. With the exclusion of Samsung, apple and domestic mobile phones, the old mobile phone manufacturers represented by Nokia and Motorola have gradually declined, so that it is difficult for those in the streets to get their products again. < / P > < p > in fact, Nokia mobile phone has made a great contribution to the development of smart phones, but also brought many classic and fresh products to the industry. However, in recent years, with the rapid rise and growth of apple, Samsung and domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia mobile phone seems to have lost its former glory, and gradually fade out of people’s vision. Nevertheless, there are still many people who still hope that Nokia mobile phone can bring some amazing product kings back. Recently, the concept map of a new NOKIA flagship machine was exposed on the Internet. The design of the new machine was awesome, and the hardware configuration was quite powerful. It seems that NOKIA has to show its strength. < / P > < p > Nokia shows strength! In terms of appearance design, according to the exposed concept map, this Nokia flagship new machine adopts a new design concept. The front of the mobile phone adopts a very innovative surround integrated screen design, which means that the screen adopts a curved design with a large radian, and the curved surface extends straight to the back of the phone. At the same time, the integration of camera technology under the screen makes the whole front of the phone It has a sense of unity, coupled with a well controlled forehead and chin, so the proportion of the screen of the mobile phone has also been improved unprecedentedly. The whole front of the mobile phone looks very shocking. < / P > < p > in the back design of the mobile phone, according to the exposure pictures, the back of this Nokia flagship new machine adopts the classic glass material, plus the screen extending from the front of the mobile phone, so the whole back of the mobile phone is particularly distinctive, and the recognition degree is very high. In terms of camera, this Nokia flagship new machine adopts the design of rear four cameras. The rear four cameras and flash are integrated into a “table tennis racket shape” module. This design is very personalized and looks very good. On the parameter, it is reported that the camera carries a 150 awesome periscope lens. Although the other parameters of the camera are not yet known, if it is true, it is believed that the camera performance will be very powerful and the play will be more abundant under the control of the zoom lens with a zoom of 150 times. < / P > < p > in terms of core hardware, it is reported that this new Nokia flagship machine uses the next generation flagship processor, the snapdragon 875, as the next generation flagship processor of Qualcomm. It is reported that the snapdragon 875 adopts a new 5-nanometer process technology, and integrates a new generation of “three clusters” architecture and a more powerful GPU graphics processing unit. If this is the case, I believe that in the snapdragon 87 5, the performance of the machine will usher in a qualitative leap. In addition, it is reported that this new flagship Nokia phone has a 5000mAh battery built-in. At the same time, it is also equipped with core technologies such as dual speakers and IP68. If this is the case, the comprehensive hardware quality of the machine is quite good. Nokia shows strength! < p > < p > challenge Huawei mate40! As we all know, Huawei mate40 is a flagship product of Huawei mobile phone to be launched in the second half of the year, and it is also a product that everyone is looking forward to. Therefore, the attention and heat of this machine are very high. The above exposure of this new Nokia flagship phone, surrounded by an integrated screen design, makes it full of charm, making the whole mobile phone has a strong sense of technology. The addition of 150 times zoom lens makes the camera performance not to be outdone, especially the support of core hardware such as snapdragon 875, which makes the core performance of the phone more guaranteed. If the above exposure of this Nokia flagship new machine is true, challenge Huawei mate 40! Finally, what do you think of this new Nokia flagship? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Privacy Policy