None of them? The meteor can also be bounced out by the earth, which is amazing to the German people who witnessed this scene

This amazing astronomical interesting event happened on September 22, residents of northern Germany and the Netherlands, at 3:53:35 a.m. local time, a meteor about the size of a football can be clearly seen, flying in the low altitude below any orbit satellite, skimming the ground! It flies at a speed of 34.1 km / s, only 91 km from the earth’s surface, and then, contrary to the conventional wisdom, bounces back into space and leaves without looking back German astronomy enthusiasts also recorded this amazing scene with their cameras. Later, he was shared in his social media by Dr. nice Vida, a Canadian physics doctor, and made a hot discussion and Analysis on its scientific principles. < / P > < p > are you also curious about why this small space rock has come here? Why can’t it be sucked by gravity and fall to the earth’s surface, but just like a tile scraping across the water, it jumps out of the earth’s atmosphere and bounces back into space? In general, meteoroids are fragments of comets or asteroids. When they enter the atmosphere, they will become meteors, creating a beautiful and bright light across the sky. Most of them will eventually disintegrate and dissipate in the atmosphere, or fall to the ground in the form of meteorite fragments. < / P > < p > but there is also a possibility that there is no one in ten thousand. That is to say, this small rock from space enters the earth’s atmosphere at a very shallow angle, and its speed is very fast. Then it is like that you use a flat stone to cut and scrape the surface of the lake. The stone will bounce when it touches the water! The meteoroid on September 22 is very likely to be like this. At the same time, because of the sudden arrival of small celestial bodies, scientists did not monitor them in advance. Instead, they captured the images and shared them on a global network platform. So, let’s talk with relish: Oh, there are so many interesting things in the sky! < / P > < p > and this communication platform to the center is also a bit semi professional and semi amateur. Through a wider range of astronomy enthusiasts, they can make use of their own professional astronomical scenes, and then share them on the content platform. However, the public and the scientific community have also obtained more data on the trajectories and trajectories of meteoroids, and have observed more fish that have been overlooked by some experts. Just like this time, it’s really hard for astronomy to hunt uninvited visitors from space. So far, tens of thousands of meteorites have been found all over the world, but there are only 40 meteorites. It can be clear how they came from and where they came from! For outer space, we even go deep into space, land on the moon, or even send piles of instruments to Mars. But in the vast universe, we still seem to have too much unknown, waiting for us to explore. Therefore, for everyone, can retain the original curiosity of the original childhood! Looking up at the stars in your own way, exploring the wonder of the world, and then sharing the joy with like-minded friends and brothers is also very good. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo