Nord plus derivatives? Support 5g network, more affordable

A few days ago, Yijia has launched a new 5g model in the overseas market – Yijia Nord, with a price of 400 euro. Now, the phone will have two cheaper derivatives, codenamed Billie. It is reported that the two models will be on the market in the United States.

according to the current information from XDA developers and max. J, the positioning of these two 5g mobile phones is lower than that of the one plus Nord previously released, and one of them may carry the Qualcomm snapdragon 690. This chip, released in June this year, is one of the cheapest 5g chips at present. Its performance is lower than that of the high pass snapdragon 765G carried by one plus Nord, but it also supports NSA / SA 5g dual-mode networking and WiFi 6.

in terms of appearance, these two one plus models have three cameras in the rear and two cameras in the rear. The arrangement and position of the cameras are similar to those of one plus Nord, and the front single camera is adopted. As for the name of the new mobile phone, it is not ruled out that it will be directly named as one plus Nord Lite 5g, but it may also be called “one plus Billie”. The emergence of these two mobile phones means that Yijia has begun to introduce suitable products to more price segments and consumer groups in the international market, improve its product line and further expand its own development. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia