Nori: Tyson food has been busy with inventory management

Tonghuashun financial research center on August 12, investors asked nori shares, Tyson food is launching an inventory tracking system based on computer vision in its facilities. Accurate and real-time inventory visibility can improve the frequency of Tyson food to fulfill the orders of grocery customers on time and in full at the best time. Tyson Foods has been busy with inventory management. By the end of 2020, Tyson’s automated inventory tracking technology will combine computer vision, machine learning and edge computing capabilities to expand its speed and processing capabilities. Tyson will eventually extend the program to all seven similar facilities. This is online news. Is this what Tyson and svoye are doing? < / P > < p > the company replied that thank you for your attention to the company. In the first half of the year, Savoye of France signed a large order with Tyson food on the intelligent logistics system. Savoye has rich experience in e-commerce, food cold chain, automobile and other industries. The company’s goal is to meet the needs of customers. This is especially true with Tyson. Only when the customer’s problems are solved and the customer’s requirements are met, the customer will sign the agreement. The company is a system integrator and service provider with customized logistics system solutions as its core business, and has the R & D and manufacturing capacity of core equipment of intelligent logistics system. Its main business includes automated three-dimensional storage system, automatic handling and conveying system, transportation and sorting system, unmanned handling robot and system, automatic identification and perception system and automated goods Flow software management system design, data simulation, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging, after-sales service in one of the customized solutions. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia