Normalization of internet medical epidemic prevention and further upgrading of closed-loop management of chronic diseases

Recently, the network of arteries eggshell Research Institute launched. The report shows that during the epidemic period, the operation data of Internet hospitals increased significantly, and internet medical services experienced a round of extensive user education and market popularization. After the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the policy shows a trend of continuously encouraging the development of the industry. Affected by the epidemic situation, many patients with chronic diseases are also facing the dilemma of “cutting off medicine and medicine”. The chronic disease management platform represented by the Federation of medical services, through providing convenient and safe “contactless” online medical services for patients with chronic diseases and constantly upgrading and exploring in the field of chronic disease management, refined operation has made internet medical treatment obtain social recognition and value return after the epidemic, and usher in the industry Develop new opportunities. < / P > < p > the report points out that under the background of multi sector promotion and breakthrough in medical insurance payment, Internet hospitals have become normal. By 2020, the number of Internet hospitals in the industry has reached 577, with a substantial growth. And since this year, the number of Internet hospitals and the demand of physical hospitals to build Internet hospitals have increased significantly. Internet hospitals have become the infrastructure of “Internet medical health” under the background of “new infrastructure”. < / P > < p > during the epidemic period, the scope of internet medical services has been extended, based on online consultation and consultation. While meeting the needs of prevention and control, the whole process of online diagnosis and treatment has been opened up, and the service content of Internet hospitals has been further enriched, and the mode has been upgraded. For example, the digital health community launched by micro medicine has opened up online and offline, and reconstructed the medical and medical insurance service flow Cheng, promote “three medicine linkage”. In the field of chronic disease management, baidu Lingyi smart uses AI and intelligent hardware to develop an integrated chronic disease management scheme with intelligent speakers as the carrier; on the basis of the existing closed-loop chronic disease management service, the Federation of medical staff has configured doctors’ assistants, patient health managers and other new platform management forces for doctors and patients to further upgrade the closed-loop of chronic disease management and make the chronic disease management more refined Refine the operation and provide online medical services for patients with chronic diseases. < / P > < p > as one of the first batch of Medical Association to obtain Internet hospital license and take the lead in upgrading the service mode of Internet hospital, it took the lead in laying out the field of chronic disease management as early as the beginning of 2018, and carried out differentiated operation of Internet hospitals with liver disease as the breakthrough point. After more than two years of development, the platform has covered liver disease, diabetes, HIV, cancer, kidney disease, cardio cerebrovascular, pediatrics, mental psychology, respiratory asthma, traditional Chinese medicine and other disease disciplines, and has built a complete closed loop from patient screening, follow-up prescriptions, home delivery, insurance payment to out of hospital health management. At present, more than 3.5 million patients with chronic disease management have been served by the medical alliance platform, and the overall repurchase rate of chronic disease management service package has reached 75%. < / P > < p > in order to further improve the doctor’s efficiency, patient experience and the overall chronic disease management effect, the Medical Union has also strengthened and upgraded the above-mentioned service closed-loop. < p > < p > professional medical assistance can promote the efficiency of doctors. Medical association not only provides doctors with more than 100 kinds of intelligent patient management tools, but also enables one doctor to manage 2000 patients through intelligent prescription review system, medication reminders, structured data and intelligent follow-up database. On this basis, the Federation of medical staff also provides each doctor with professional medical assistance. With the help of AI, big data and other technologies, it further improves the efficiency of patient management for doctors. < / P > < p > professional health managers improve the quality of life of patients. Due to the different severity of patients’ conditions and the complexity of consultation problems, the medical association carries out hierarchical management of patients from the perspective of patients’ problems and conditions. At the same time, the Medical Federation also provides professional health managers for patients to timely remind patients of medication, adjust and manage their psychology and diet scientifically, so as to improve the quality of life of patients with diseases. Science Discovery