Not afraid of not making money, but afraid of no direction. The social fission system will make the entrepreneurial year earn tens of millions

You’ve heard the saying “win the heart, win the world”. This sentence is the core in social business. Good people, good products, good harvest. How many people can you harvest, how many people you have trust and follow, your wealth is here. In the past, we used to sell products and do business by marketing. Now we rely on social networking to establish the connection between people. Then we create all kinds of business information through personal personality influence, using the Internet and we media, through recommendation and sharing, to create a variety of business information, and then generate a systematic business behavior, such as logistics and settlement System, service, etc. This process is the basic logic of social business. < p > < p > for example, Li Ziqi has shot a short video with more than ten million fans, but there is no product sold in the short video. She is not like the traditional home shopping, TV shopping, conference marketing, which directly sell goods. But let’s think about it: can Li Ziqi sell goods? In fact, Li Ziqi can sell any commercial business she can contact, which we all understand! This is the social business system of personal brand. The combination of the two has changed the traditional business logic. < p > < p > for example, Simba can earn more than a dozen companies in a year. Many young people, entrepreneurs and Xiaobai can also quickly make money through social fission. With the new business system of we media, we can easily make money. Privacy Policy