Not only the United Development and development department! International giants also applied to supply goods to China. The White House did not expect this result

In Huawei’s supply chain, there are many supply chains that provide Huawei with necessary parts and components. For Huawei, these suppliers are very important. There are still a lot of deficiencies in the domestic supply chain to support the production of Huawei’s high-end mobile phones. For example, in memory chips, Meguiar, Samsung and SK Hynix have almost monopolized the market, while domestic Yangtze River storage and other enterprises still have a small market share. < / P > < p > in order to solve the supply chain of memory chips, we can only purchase from foreign enterprises. Huawei’s industrial chain is very large and spread all over the world. Last year, Huawei was able to cooperate with companies in the United States and G, but not this year. < / P > < p > originally, I thought that as long as it was not suitable for us g enterprises, I didn’t expect that the enterprises using the technology of us G would not be able to do so, including the United Development and development department. MediaTek and domestic enterprises have good cooperative relations, including the establishment of supply chain cooperation with Huawei. It was also reported that Huawei has placed 120 million chip orders to MediaTek. < / P > < p > but now it has to be limited, no matter how many orders there are, they need to be delivered before September 14. Due to time constraints, it is not possible for the Department to complete product delivery in a short period of time. In view of these problems and future cooperation issues, the United Nations Development Division (undk) has applied to continue to supply goods to China after 14 September. < / P > < p > it’s just about the result of the application, and there’s no news. MediaTek is not the first to apply. Even US enterprises have the intention to apply for cooperation with China. Most of these applications are not completed, but this did not eliminate the supplier’s shipping plan. < / P > < p > according to news from foreign media, Samsung display has applied for an export license, which is to continue to supply goods to China. In the U.S. g. restrictions, including screen chips, so Samsung wants to ship Huawei, also need to apply. < / P > < p > what we can learn at present is that Samsung has also acted, and the White House did not expect this result. With Samsung’s international status, it is impossible to directly ignore Samsung’s application. In addition to the repeated lobbying of its own company, Qualcomm, and the application of MediaTek, all of these prove that the loss of Huawei’s supply chain is a loss to them. < / P > < p > in Samsung’s equity structure, many of them are American g capital. If Huawei is cut off from its supply, the loss will not only be caused by Samsung, but also the interests of American g capital. If Lianfa and Huawei do not have a long-term cooperation with Huawei, it is even more hopeful that Lianfa can not surpass Huawei’s competitors in the long run. Taking Huawei’s order is equivalent to winning China’s largest mobile phone market share, which is what Qualcomm has always hoped to obtain. < / P > < p > If Huawei’s orders are lost, Qualcomm will lose $8 billion a year, MediaTek will lose China’s huge mobile chip market, and Samsung will also lose a part of the corresponding Chinese market share. < p > < p > Huawei is the protagonist in this science and technology war, and all the rules are implemented according to Huawei. No matter how difficult it is, Huawei will never bow down. < p > < p > Huawei is preparing to adjust its supply chain and arrange the delivery of supply chips before the deadline. It is reported that Huawei Hisilicon is arranging a special plane to transport back all Kirin chips and related chip products produced by TSMC. < p > < p > due to the limitation of American g, Huawei Kirin chips have become the best. In recent years, Huawei has specially sent special planes to transport back the chips. The most important chip order is Kirin 9000, which will have more powerful 5g capability, AI processor capability, GPU and NPU. < / P > < p > can be said to be a collection of Huawei’s most advanced technology integration. Huawei is preparing to release mate 40 equipped with Kirin 9000. It is hoped that under the application of Samsung and MediaTek, Huawei can continue to supply products. < / P > < p > both MediaTek and Samsung are giants in the chip industry. The restrictions imposed by us G on Huawei affect not only Huawei, but also these suppliers. Even for its own benefit, there are enough reasons to help Huawei. Huawei is preparing for the release of subsequent mobile phone products. Kirin chip may retire temporarily, but one day, it will come back strongly and let Huawei Kirin chip lead the domestic chip forward. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia