NVIDIA geforce opens the ultimate countdown

NVIDIA geforce’s official twitter started the “ultimate countdown” on August 10, heralding the 21st anniversary of the launch of its geforce 256 video card. < / P > < p > 21 years ago, NVIDIA released the world’s first GPU and the first display core named geforce 256. Now NVIDIA’s official website has also launched a new slogan “21 days, 21 years”. Foreign media said that August 31, 21 days later, will be the 21st anniversary of NVIDIA’s release of geforce 256 graphics card. We will wait and see what kind of heavyweight content NVIDIA will release. < / P > < p > according to foreign media speculation, after the countdown, there may be news of “ampere”, that is, the brand-new 30 series graphics card, while for NVIDIA geforce 256 graphics card, we may not have any impression. < / P > < p > this NVIDIA geforce 256 SDR graphics card was born in 1999. In terms of parameters, it may surprise you that it is lagging behind now, but it is the place where old Huang’s dream began. < / P > < p > all kinds of parameters make this card look like “low pop”, but many of our current graphics cards are based on it. You may as well check the current flagship graphics card RTX 2080 Ti to see how fast our graphics card has developed in 21 years. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?