NVIDIA releases mx450 laptop with PCI 4.0 support

Recently, the news about Ampere GPU is constantly on the rise. Game players are looking forward to the new generation of ampere geforce to bring a new and upgraded game experience. According to the fact that ampere A100 supports pcie4.0, geforcertx will also add support for pcie4.0. However, NVIDIA’s first consumer product to support pcie4.0 is not rtx30 series, but geforce mx450, which is quietly released recently, for lightweight notebook. < / P > < p > although the specification and performance of NVIDIA MX series are quite general, independent graphics card and better performance than core display are favored by notebook manufacturers. In the face of the current situation of Intel and AMD core display performance becoming stronger and stronger, NVIDIA has accelerated the update rhythm of MX Series graphics cards. It takes one year and nine months to upgrade from mx100 to mx200, and one year from mx200 to MX300 series. Now MX400 series is updated in only half a year. NVIDIA should feel a lot of pressure. < / P > < p > for users, it is not important whether the mx450 GPU supports pcie4.0 or not. This product is more like NVIDIA’s preparation for cooperating with Intel’s tiger Lake 11 generation core processor. After all, tiger lake will be the first Intel product to support consumer grade pcie4.0. < / P > < p > NVIDIA may upgrade mx450 video memory from gddr5 to gddr6. After all, in addition to the light and thin version, NVIDIA graphics card desktop graphics card to notebook graphics card has entered the era of gddr6. The core architecture may be upgraded to Turing tu117 core, with 896 CUDA at most, and its performance is close to gtx1650 series. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list