NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm changed? Lao Huang himself denied that he did not want to become a public enemy in the industry

NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm, from the perspective of onlookers, seems to be a certainty. After all, from the previous news, it seems that NVIDIA is the only company that has in-depth discussions with Softbank to acquire arm, and there is no other competitor. Even the media have leaked out NVIDIA’s offer to buy arm, so everyone is just waiting to see when the two sides will officially announce the acquisition which shocked the world. However, it seems that the situation has changed again. At NVIDIA’s financial report meeting, NVIDIA not only handed in a beautiful revenue report, but also Lao Huang officially responded to NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm for the first time. However, the plan of nvida was denied by the masses. < / P > < p > in previous media reports, it has been mentioned that NVIDIA will offer arm an offer of 40 billion pounds, which is close to US $52 billion of acquisition proposal, which is far more than the $32 billion that Softbank paid for the acquisition of arm that year, so the industry is very optimistic about this acquisition. Some even pointed out that NVIDIA would acquire arm in the form of cash and stock. < / P > < p > this acquisition will have a far-reaching impact on the semiconductor industry. After all, arm chips are widely used in various electronic products except for x86. Arm is also the world’s largest mobile IP licensing company, including Qualcomm, apple, Huawei, MediaTek, Samsung, NVIDIA and other companies. They are all partners of arm and obtain relevant chip grants from arm Right. Therefore, any company that develops arm chips and has its own products, if it controls arm, will bring earth shaking changes to the industry, and even affect the pattern of IT industry in the coming decades. < p > < p > before, arm had to look for buyers because its parent company Softbank was in a financial crisis. It was first rumored that apple, Samsung, NVIDIA and even TSMC are potential buyers of arm. However, with the denial of apple and other companies, only NVIDIA has not refuted the rumor about the acquisition of arm. The in-depth reports of many media also make people believe that NVIDIA is the only buyer of arm at present. However, Huang Renxun formally said at NVIDIA’s financial report meeting that NVIDIA and arm have been partners all the time, and the two companies have had a lot of cooperation, but NVIDIA has not proposed an acquisition plan to arm. < / P > < p > NVIDIA denies that the acquisition of arm is not unreasonable. On the one hand, the acquisition of arm requires a lot of money. If NVIDIA needs to spend 40 billion pounds to win arm, this is still a big burden for NVIDIA now. After all, NVIDIA’s revenue last year was only 10.9 billion US dollars, and the profit was only 2.8 billion US dollars. It must be cautious to take out more than 50 billion US dollars to acquire arm. < / P > < p > but more importantly, this acquisition does not look so good. Although NVIDIA’s strategy is still relatively selfish and conservative in the long run, it can obtain more benefits from arm’s IP licensing, but it may also cause the unfairness and opacity of arm’s architecture authorization. Especially from the Perspective of NVIDIA’s business style, it is not ruled out to obtain more profits And change the current arm authorization rules, such as CPU and GPU architecture package authorization, change the existing GPU architecture to NVIDIA’s own architecture and so on. < / P > < p > this is not good news for any company using ARM architecture to design chips, so many industry leaders and companies are not optimistic about this transaction, or even oppose it. Many companies are worried that NVIDIA, which has a wide range of products, will restrict other companies from obtaining arm authorization because of their own company’s development. If NVIDIA really wants to forcibly acquire arm, it may become a public enemy in the minds of many companies in a short time. This is not a good thing for the future development of NVIDIA, especially when NVIDIA data center still needs a large number of customers! However, Lao Huang did not say anything. Although it was officially indicated that NVIDIA had not proposed to acquire arm, it does not mean that NVIDIA does not want to acquire arm, so the follow-up of this matter is worthy of our attention. In addition, Softbank also said that in addition to selling arm, it can also seek the possibility of independent listing of arm, so the acquisition of arm by NVIDIA is not an inevitable choice! Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!