Observe that new applications and new formats are rapidly landing. How to guarantee the security of blockchain?

On August 3, the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a notice on the pilot demonstration work of network security technology application in 2020. According to the notice, blockchain security has become a key application category in the new information infrastructure security category. < / P > < p > the notice also gives the direction of blockchain security application: combined with the network security requirements of supply chain management, electronic transaction, digital copyright, insurance, social assistance and other typical application scenarios of blockchain technology, security solutions in the aspects of identity verification, secure storage, evidence collection, data sharing flow, etc., as well as blockchain infrastructure, blockchain platform and block Chain services and other aspects of security monitoring, protection, testing and verification solutions. In this regard, Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, pointed out that the inclusion of blockchain security into the pilot application of network security technology in 2020 plays an important role in promoting the integration and innovation of new generation information technology and network security technology, improving the security of user data information and strengthening the security guarantee ability of new information infrastructure. Deng Jianpeng, vice president of China Internet Finance Innovation Research Institute, said that this actually involves two categories: one is the security of blockchain + industrial ecology, and the other is blockchain + government affairs. < / P > < p > “at present, these two categories are the main manifestation of the gradual maturity of blockchain applications. Therefore, we should pay attention to the risk prevention in these two fields, so as to lay a good foundation for the development of industry or government affairs.” He said. According to Cai Liang, blockchain security includes technical security, such as smart contract and virtual machine security, cryptography and network security, storage security, etc.; application security: such as financial security, audit security, and regulatory security. In his opinion, China’s blockchain industry is at a high-speed development stage, and domestic mainstream financial institutions and technology enterprises have accelerated the investment in blockchain application. The application fields of blockchain technology have gradually expanded from the initial finance to government services, supply chain management, industrial manufacturing and other aspects. New applications and new formats are rapidly landing. If there is a lack of industry security, the application field of blockchain technology has gradually expanded from the initial finance to government services, supply chain management, industrial manufacturing and other aspects The regulation and supervision system will bring a series of hidden dangers. < / P > < p > “taking financial security as an example, the central bank recently issued and also put forward specific requirements for the application security of blockchain.” Cai Liang said. < p > < p > CAI Liang said that in the application process of blockchain technology in various scenarios, there are mainly security risks such as key disclosure, account theft, DDoS attacks, protocol vulnerabilities, contract vulnerabilities, application software vulnerabilities, etc. < p > < p > Deng Jianpeng took an example: “for example, although the blockchain has the function of anti deletion, if the information before the chain is false, it can not guarantee that the information stored on the chain after the blockchain is true. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the security risk prevention in the fields of digital copyright and electronic transaction. In addition, such as electronic transactions may appear anti censorship anonymous phenomenon, there is the possibility of illegal crime. There are also risks of illegal information on the chain < p > < p > in view of this series of security problems, Cai Liang suggested that the security risk prevention should be carried out from the physical facilities, the underlying blockchain protocol and the application level in combination with the characteristics of the scenario. < / P > < p > for the loopholes that may be introduced at the code level, he advocates the use of secure development tools to standardize and constrain, and carry out code audit to reduce the security vulnerabilities introduced in the coding process; at the same time, it is necessary to test and evaluate the security of the underlying blockchain, application scenarios, attack modes and other aspects, so as to discover the running environment, underlying protocols and intelligent cooperation in time And the security vulnerabilities that may exist in the upper application. < p > < p > in view of the traffic attack threats that may be faced by different levels such as the bottom layer and the application layer, Cai Liang said that the corresponding flow control mechanism should be provided at the bottom layer and application layer to identify and prevent the abnormal attack traffic in the network in time. On the one hand, Deng Jianpeng suggested that the Ministry of industry and information technology should work with relevant departments or industries to formulate technical standards. On the other hand, he pointed out that it was necessary to promote regulatory technology and conduct compliance review on blockchain codes. < p > < p > CAI Liang also expressed a similar view: “the government and relevant institutions should continue to promote the standardization of blockchain security, improve the regulatory mechanism and review mechanism, and standardize the development of blockchain technology application; at the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen supervision, with technological innovation as the core and legal constraints as the auxiliary to promote the compliance supervision of corresponding technologies and applications.” In addition, Cai Liang said that relevant blockchain enterprises need to strengthen the research and development of core technologies to ensure the independent and controllable blockchain technology and application. 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