Of the three mobile phones worth buying in August, the second one is cheap and the third is a small screen

In recent days, two supreme commemorative mobile phones have come into the market. These two mobile phones are good models in their own field, and they also have a good grasp of consumers’ psychology. When looking at new models, you might as well look at the mobile phones that have come into the market earlier. In fact, many models are also very worthwhile to buy, and some models have seen a small price reduction. Now let’s take a look at these mobile phones with xiaom! < p > < p > Meizu 17 Pro is the flagship aircraft of Meizu this year. The front of the machine adopts 6.6-inch AMOLED screen, supports 90hz refresh rate, and the back adopts calcined ceramic body + warm and beautiful color matching, which makes the machine maintain high appearance value and high practicability. Meizu 17 Pro did not inherit the lightweight design, and the weight of the fuselage reached 219G, which makes users feel a little sorry. The camera has put a lot of effort into the camera. It is equipped with imx686 sensor for 6400w main camera, large aperture of F / 1.8, 3D depth detector, ultra wide angle and long focus camera. The parameters of each camera are not very low-key. However, the machine does not support optical anti shake is indeed worthy of criticism, after all, this is a new machine this year, this absence is regrettable. < p > < p > the hardware configuration of Meizu 17 Pro has been popular since the beginning of the year. The combination of the three can be called Android performance monster, so users who like to play games don’t have to worry. In addition, the machine is equipped with a 4500 Ma Battery + 30W fast charging. Although the charging speed has been upgraded, the competitors have made greater breakthroughs, so the charging speed has become a small short board of the machine. With the emergence of iqoo 5, iqoo 3 is also facing price reduction, so it is more cost-effective to purchase iqoo 5 when it comes into the market. The front of the machine is covered with an OLED screen, which is a little smaller. It is 6.44 inches, and the local maximum brightness can reach 1200nits. The screen performance is good, but there is no high brush that game fans like. It will also have a certain impact on the users who value the game performance. < / P > < p > its rear camera adopts a 4800W four camera system. Compared with the previous mobile phone, it supports video anti shake function. Although the overall level is average, it is normal for mobile phones with main attack performance. As a mobile phone launched this year, iqoo 3 uses the classic combination of “iron triangle” in the core configuration, so it has a good experience to play games. The machine also has a 4440 Ma battery, which supports 55W fast charging. The charging speed is attractive.

in many mobile phone, HUAWEI P40 screen is relatively small, for 6.1 inches of OLED screen, screen refresh rate is only 60Hz, but its price is in 4K file, so many people will not make complaints about such refreshing rate. The back of the machine adopts a three camera system, equipped with a 1 / 1.28 inch sensor of the same size as the pro version, and the photosensitivity is also very good, but there is a gap between the zoom ability and the pro version, which can meet the needs of users in general. < p > < p > Huawei P40 is equipped with Kirin 990 chip. Judging from the current situation, this chip is still quite excellent in terms of performance. Although there is some gap between Huawei P40 and the Xiaolong Series in terms of running points, the actual experience is not big. Due to the volume of the machine, the battery capacity is only 3800 Ma, and the charging speed is also normal. It seems that many people make complaints about batteries. < / P > < p > several mobile phones are very good models, and the price coverage is relatively broad, and these models have a good reputation in the industry. So which one do you like? New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia