Off screen camera technology is mature? Xiaomi bid ZTE, Xiaomi mix4 or mass production in the first quarter of 2021

The world’s first off screen camera phone will be officially released on September 1. Surprisingly, the first launch of such a technology that can change the external form of mobile phones is not the industry leading brands such as apple, Samsung and Huawei. It is not Xiaomi who likes to show off “black technology” and is used to all kinds of rush to the first, but ZTE, which has been silent in China and can not be found in other. However, just before ZTE A20 was about to be released, Xiaomi suddenly made a high-profile announcement of the third generation of off screen camera technology developed by itself, which once again fueled the hot spot of off screen photography. As the originator of the full screen mobile phone, Xiaomi has made great efforts in the exploration of the off screen camera technology. In June last year, Xiaomi’s first generation screen camera scheme was born. It uses transparent cathode and anode materials to improve the light transmission performance. The camera area under the screen can not only display, but also has certain light transmission performance. In self shooting, the line penetrates the screen to enter the front camera. However, the brightness, gamut and color accuracy of the camera area under the screen are affected, which is quite different from that of the normal screen. This is a laboratory pre research technology, unable to meet the requirements of mass production. < p > < p > last October, Xiaomi showed a magic version of Xiaomi 9 pro, which actually adopted the technology of Xiaomi’s second-generation off screen camera. It makes some pixels in the area of the camera under the screen transparent, some of which are responsible for normal display, and the other part is used as transparent material for light penetration. Some of the pixels used for display are sacrificed. Although the light transmission performance is improved and the self shooting effect of the front camera is improved, the effective pixels responsible for display are too few, which leads to the decline of PPI and the obvious graininess. There are differences between the display effect and the normal display area. It is a scheme of sacrificing display for front selfie, so it still can not meet the requirements of mass production. Xiaomi said that the third generation of off screen camera technology announced today by Xiaomi has reached the stage of mass production, and has also come up with the scheme of transforming Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version for media experience. This generation of millet camera technology through a new pixel arrangement, so that the camera area under the screen to achieve full resolution display effect. The pixel gap is made into transparent material, and the pixel driving circuit is redesigned to make full use of the pixel gap to complete light transmission. < / P > < p > Xiaomi’s third generation off screen camera technology has perfect display effect, and has the same brightness, gamut, color accuracy and pixel density as the normal display area. From the actual experience, in the normal use scene, almost no camera exists in the upper left corner of the screen, and there is no visual obstruction of digging holes and water drops. This is a perfect form of full screen mobile phone. In addition, due to its excellent light transmission performance, it also ensures that the camera under the screen has the self shooting performance comparable to the normal camera, and the display effect and self shooting performance achieve a perfect balance. < / P > < p > on the basis of the new pixel layout scheme, Xiaomi’s 3rd generation under screen camera also adopts a special circuit design, which hides more components under the RGB sub-pixel, so as to further improve the light transmittance of the camera area under the screen. Combined with the optimization algorithm of Xiaomi’s self-developed bottom camera, the camera under the screen has almost the same imaging performance as the conventional front-end camera, instead of the ordinary under screen camera which is not transparent and has its own soft light filter. This technology demonstration of Xiaomi also brings problems to ZTE. If the actual effect of ZTE A20 off-screen camera released on September 1 still stays at the level of the previous two generations of Xiaomi, it will not only fail to achieve the effect of its first launch, but also give Xiaomi a preview. According to the latest news of Xiaomi’s next season, Xiaomi’s new camera will be released in the third quarter. At the same time, he also said that millet technology is the most mature and energy production solution in the industry. So, did ZTE just grab the first round, but it was advertising Xiaomi’s new technology? Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia