Officially confirmed: the iPhone 12 will be released on October 13 and will be sold in advance on October 16. The price of the iPhone 12 will be a surprise for BOC

According to the current industry information, first of all, the iPhone 12 may be officially released on Tuesday, October 13, after the end of the National Day holiday. It can be said that it is also around the corner. < / P > < p > if you only have a budget of one or two thousand, that’s fine. But if you’re going to replace yourself with a high-quality flagship aircraft this time, maybe you can wait a little longer. Apple’s new flagship iPhone 12 this year has been officially confirmed, which will not let you wait too long, but also has a variety of configuration and price surprise! < / P > < p > although there are four new models in total, only two products may be released this time. The two new models of iPhone 12 Pro series with higher configuration may continue to be postponed until November. But fortunately, the iPhone 12 may be available for pre-sale shortly after its release on the 16th, which is a solution to the urgent need for a replacement and the infinite expectations of its partners. < / P > < p > Second, even for the standard version of the iPhone 12, Apple will always be sincere in terms of hardware performance. Its core will be equipped with a new A14 bionic chip. It will not only have an advanced 5nm process, but also have a 5g baseband of high pass to support dual-mode 5g function, bringing a faster network experience. < / P > < p > this will also be Apple’s first 5g phone. In terms of software, there will also be the support and optimization of IOS 14 stable version, which will be smooth and durable as usual, and there will be more new user experience with free and open features. < p > < p > Third, the appearance of the iPhone 12 may continue to adopt the Liu Hai screen design. The overall style of the iPhone 12 is different from that of the iPhone 11. The sharp line right angle frame is used to make it look more retro and stable. At the same time, the thickness of its body may be further controlled at 7.36mm, which makes it feel lighter and more comfortable. However, for this reason, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 may be reduced to about 2700mah, and the charging may be upgraded to support 20W wired fast charging, which is faster. Unfortunately, this charger may not be included in the standard configuration of the mobile phone.

4, the purchase of chargers is a trivial matter. The important thing is whether iPhone 12 pricing is awesome. It is reported that the starting price of the new aircraft may not rise this time, but will be further reduced slightly compared with last year, which is controlled at 649 US dollars. The Bank of China Version is expected to be between 4699 yuan and 4999 yuan, which is about 5K. < / P > < p > in this case, the iPhone 12 is still sincere and surprising. Even if you spend another 200 yuan on the charger, it will be more cost-effective than last year’s iPhone 11! Of course, there is no doubt that the top high configuration models will still be more than 10000. < / P > < p > after waiting for more than a year, the performance of the iPhone 12 is finally up to expectations. The outstanding performance, 5g, lightweight body, and relatively cheap and surprising pricing are almost Apple’s cost-effective products. Will you wait until October 13 to consider it? American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia