Old people who are afraid of being “eliminated” by smart phones start to save themselves

According to statistics, China’s population over the age of 60 has reached 250 million, and there are about 95 million Internet users over the age of 60, which means that at least 150 million elderly people will not use or even have no smart phones to access the Internet. < / P > < p > “you have to find your own” vegetable market “before I can take you to” buy vegetables. ” Zhang minglan, 67, threw the desktop of her mobile phone on the curtain, drew two screens to the right through the reading glasses on her nose, and opened the “application market” of Huawei mobile phones, which is what she called the “vegetable market”. < p > < p > on the afternoon of November 9, in the second class of smart phone class of Heyan University for the elderly in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, she was going to teach the elderly how to register with their mobile phones – “the dish to buy today” is “healthy Nanjing” app. < / P > < p > the mobile phone class is the class with the largest number of students in the community elderly university this year, with 23 people sitting in the front three rows of the classroom. According to reports, more than 700 universities for the elderly in the city have opened smart phone training courses, training tens of thousands of students every year. Most of the old people in the mobile phone class are women, and they like to take pictures of scenery and make photo albums. For those with higher education level, reading, writing poems and writing articles will be added. < p > < p > through the presbyopia lens, Zhang minglan looked down at the students struggling to take notes, raised her voice and stressed: “different brands of mobile phones have different names. If there is no application market, you should find the app store or app store. You should look for your own” vegetable market. ” < p > < p > for each operation, Zhang minglan repeated it at least three times. During the first lecture, the students with gray hair are busy taking notes, but they can’t do it all at the first time. Wait until the third time, they hold up the mobile phone, along with Zhang minglan poke on the screen to write. The age of the students is between 60 and 80, and most of them retire around 2000. These years when they gradually separated from society are the most vigorous years of mobile Internet development, and smart phones gradually occupy all scenes of life. At present, health code has become an indispensable pass. < / P > < p > in March, some elderly people in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, were refused transportation by bus because they were unable to show their health codes. In October, West China Stomatological Hospital of Sichuan University cancelled the on-site registration and changed to wechat appointment, which attracted complaints from the elderly. On November 23, according to netizens in Yichang, Hubei Province, an elderly person paid for medical insurance alone in the rain. The staff responded: “there is no cash here. Either tell relatives or you can pay on your mobile phone.” As of November 25, 240 million people had read about the topic on Weibo and 30000 people had discussed it. In addition to the controversy, the general office of the State Council issued on November 24 that it is necessary to “concentrate efforts to promote the comprehensive support of various traditional services and put forward a number of effective measures to solve the most urgent problems of the elderly using intelligent technology” by the end of 2020, and put forward specific measures such as “health code should not be used as the only certificate for personnel access” and other specific measures We are not willing to become “illiterate” in the era of science and technology. < / P > < p > when mobile phones infiltrate into the most subtle scenes of life and become a huge gap between the elderly and society, they falter and strive to catch up. < / P > < p > she has only primary school education. She worked as an assembly line worker for decades before retirement. Her resume is not as good as most of her students, but she has taught smart phone lessons for four years. < p > < p > Zhang minglan looks younger than her age and knows how to dress. When wearing a blue cotton coat, she will intentionally match the blue octagonal hat and color sweater chain. She buys online almost every day. She has Bili Bili in her mobile phone. She learns to Crochet Wool and knits several triangular shawls for herself and her friends. In addition to class, she also helps us solve all the problems in the use of mobile phones. Old people are more willing to turn to her than their children. < p > < p > in the eyes of students, Zhang minglan, the teacher, is “very capable”. Her ability is forced out – over the years, she has few people to rely on, everything can only rely on the mobile phone. < p > < p > in 1990, when her son was still in junior high school, Zhang minglan divorced and never became a family again. When her son got married in 2005, her daughter-in-law didn’t want to live with her, so she moved out to rent her own house. I moved home a dozen times before and after, until I moved into the small apartment with two bedrooms and one living room. Her son’s family seldom contact with her, and they can see her once or twice a year at noon or her birthday. She spent a lot of time studying alone. If you don’t know a word, you will look it up in Xinhua Dictionary; if you don’t know computer, you will go to class, buy books and read CDs; if you don’t know anything in the future, you will turn to computers, and then mobile phones. She spends five or six hours a day on her mobile phone, hearing or seeing new software, downloading it and thinking about it. Today, she has turned to her mobile phone for help in taking a taxi, shopping, seeing a doctor and moving house. Only when she had knee surgery in earlier years and had a car accident last year, she had to get her son to sign. < p > < p > Zhang minglan’s legs and feet are inconvenient, and her left knee can’t bend. She can only walk backward when going down the stairs. Her Achilles tendon is also short. If she doesn’t wear shoes with heels, she will fall backward. She thought that she could use a wheelchair if her legs were not flexible in the future. As for eating and buying vegetables, she could buy takeout online. < / P > < p > “my mother can’t live without a mobile phone”. When she was living in a nursing home, her son specially sent her a power bank. “Yes She said aloud. The mobile phone is really her only dependence. Nowadays, most of the elderly people living alone in Banli are similar to those in the mobile phone. Only a few live with their children in order to look after their grandchildren. The empty elderly and the busy next generation are separated into two parallel lines by the pressure of life and the intergenerational gap. < p > < p > his wife had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage in 2006, but he didn’t save her. She left at the age of 61. She had a mental breakdown and was admitted to the hospital twice in 2007 for mental problems. Since then, she hardly contacts with the outside world. She lives alone in the old house, and her only focus is on taking care of her mother-in-law. < p > < p > her daughter advised her to get a mobile phone, but she refused: “I will take good care of the old lady and the family. I’m familiar with the vegetable market. I have a phone at home, and I don’t contact outsiders. What kind of mobile phone do I use? ” Watching the news with her mother-in-law every night is her only way to contact the outside world. After waiting for the old man to sleep, her day is over. < p > < p > in recent years, apart from buying vegetables, the only thing that can make Zhao Wenjun go out on his own initiative is life, death and death. On April 5, 2016, she was told to attend the funeral of her fellow educated youth. After taking a taxi with money from a good member, she forgot the other party’s house number. She wandered around the neighborhood for an afternoon but couldn’t find it. Finally, she had to go home and call her friend to explain. < / P > < p > “why don’t you call and ask for the address?” The other side was surprised. “I don’t have a mobile phone,” Zhao Wenjun realized that without a mobile phone, it has long been out of touch with society. < / P > < p > the second daughter gave her an old mobile phone, helped her apply for wechat, added relatives, and added old colleagues, fellow villagers and classmates through the phone number. A mobile phone connects all the important past in Zhao Wenjun’s life, and she starts to associate with the world again. The problem of < / P > < p > followed, and she couldn’t type and surf the Internet. In wechat group sending messages, I don’t understand that the sent message will be displayed as a green dialog box. The same message was sent six times in a head, and only after being teased by the group friends did they know where the problem was. As a result, she took out her high school learning energy, made great efforts to take notes and consulted everyone. In 2017, she started to apply for a mobile phone class and has been learning now.

, 72, Zhang Shihua mobile phone class, initially to learn mobile payment, daughter said that paper money easily infected with the virus, then transferred to her WeChat 500, and taught her to buy food with mobile phone. During the epidemic, Nanjing’s public places need to show Alipay’s “sukang code”. After his wife died four or five years ago, Zhang Shihua lived in his daughter’s house for half a year. Two generations did not have much to say, eating salty, soft and hard preferences are different, most of the time, she can only stay in her own room alone. She decided to move back to her old house because she didn’t want to disturb her children. < p > < p > a person’s Day is boring and lonely, and the only recreation is to go downstairs after lunch to play cards. In 2019, her daughter gave her smartphone to Zhang Shihua and downloaded wechat for her, but she had no patience to teach her how to use it. < / P > < p > “didn’t I tell you twice? Why do you have to ask again? Oh, I’m so tired. ” At the dinner table, Zhang Shihua repeated his daughter’s words, “although we are not in a good head, we also need a face and self-respect.” She put down her chopsticks and patted her right face. < p > < p > in September 2019, Zhang Shihua applied for the mobile phone class of Xiehe University for the aged. When she went out to class, she would carefully put on her thick, curled black wig. After class at noon, she asked Zhang minglan and several other classmates to go to a small restaurant downstairs for lunch. Everyone took turns to pay by mobile phone and review what she had just learned. Back in the classroom after dinner, several people gathered around Zhang minglan and continued to ask questions about various mobile phone applications, such as looking for a teacher to “open a small stove” when going to school. < / P > < p > different from those young teachers who graduated from University, Zhang minglan never does PPT in his lectures. Instead, he directly opens his mobile phone and casts his lectures in vernacular. After class, he makes small videos of the operation steps and sends them to the students. In the first class of the junior class, she usually talks about mobile phone settings — let students find the “gear” shape icon, and prompt that “flight mode” and “restore factory settings” should not be turned on, and the screen can’t be turned on automatically. Next, she focuses on teaching network settings, including how to connect to the wireless network and how to switch mobile data. < / P > < p > “you turn the font and sound to the maximum, and drag the brightness to the comfortable position of your eyes. You don’t have to worry about other things for now She will strictly control the content of each class, “don’t talk too much. If you don’t remember too much, old people will be confused.” In addition to the basic applications of WeChat and Alipay,

also taught students to use taxi software, maps, cars, Baidu, Taobao and many spares. Recently, Hua Xiaozhu took a taxi in Nanjing, and the subsidy was very strong. She immediately replaced didi taxi in teaching with Hua Xiaozhu. < p > < p > in 2016, when she was still using the old-age machine, Chen Ru began to teach herself smart phone knowledge, “arm yourself with theory first”. She searched the Internet for knowledge about smart phones and asked her wife for advice. She wrote at least four or five copies of her notes, from “what’s WiFi” to “how to take pictures on Huawei’s P30 mobile phone”, and she learned more and more carefully. In the notes of Huawei’s P30 mobile phone photo taking, she drew each icon of the mobile phone camera and indicated the function. For example, “smiling face” means “shooting automatically when a smiling face is detected”; “,” “is a reference line, that is, nine palace grid, and” seal “means adding watermark. She also noted that you can add text and image watermarks to photos. < / P > < p > in the notes of “how to use wechat well for the elderly”, she remembered “what is wechat” and then went to the specific operation. Before the content of “how to upload a picture for wechat”, she made a key mark with a red five pointed star. Her wife, Liu Yonghai, has been studying smart phones for two years in Jinling University for the aged since March 2017. he