On October 22, Huawei’s mate40 conference, these five points are what consumers are most concerned about

It finally arrived, a week later than the iPhone 12, the front and back feet. It is doomed that the mate 40 and the iPhone 12 are the real rivals, both at home and abroad. < / P > < p > compared with mate30 released on September 19 last year and iPhone 11 released on September 11 last year, both iPhone and Huawei delayed the release of this year’s flagship by one month, and the time interval was about a week. These two mobile phones are also the last blockbuster products in 2020. < / P > < p > Kirin 9000 may be Huawei’s last generation Kirin chip. What people are more concerned about is what is the chip distribution of mate40? Is it as rumored that a part of third-party chips will be used to make up for the shortage of kylin 9000 in stock? What is the performance of Kirin 9000? Compared with the snapdragon 865 or 875 is in what kind of position, the most important is compared to the A14 chip, the gap is not big. < / P > < p > What’s more, there has been an outstanding issue, that is, how to solve the subsequent chip panic problem, and whether this conference can bring certain answers or clues. < / P > < p > taking photos is a hot area for domestic mobile phones in recent years. According to the Convention of the past years, mate 40 must be listed by DxO, although the credibility of DxO has been questioned. However, it is still undeniable that this is one of the criteria for judging the quality of mobile phone cameras. < / P > < p > camera, the combination and arrangement of rear cameras are also very important. Does mate40 still adopt the Oreo form like mate30? Is it a new and different experience? < / P > < p > because of the competition on the cameras of mobile phone manufacturers in recent years, the mode of multiple rear cameras is adopted, but the mine clearance method is relatively limited. See if mate40 can bring new arrangement and surprise. < / P > < p > then there is the topic of pixels. Yu Chengdong’s remarks about “the bottom and 100 million pixels” have aroused a lot of discussion. Therefore, it is worth seeing whether Huawei mate40 is a bottom + medium pixel or a bottom + 100 million pixels. This is also a suspense. < / P > < p > the maximum power of Huawei’s fast charging is 40W, which is slightly lagging behind that of 120W in the market. However, Huawei has already released a 65W charger, so this time Huawei’s fast charging is also worth looking forward to. Is it 66W fast charging or 120W fast charging. After all, fast charging is an intuitive improvement for consumers. In addition, the battery capacity is also worth looking forward to. At present, Zhongguancun shows 4200mah, and it is worth looking forward to the actual endurance. < / P > < p > this year, the price of 5g mobile phones has generally risen, and even millet has bought 6000 yuan. In the past, it seems that the iPhone 12 will be released soon without price increase. Then the price of Huawei mate40 is full of variables. On the one hand, the chip causes limited production capacity. Is it to control the sales volume through price increase, extend the sales cycle, or maintain the original price system? This is what many people want to see. < / P > < p > in various versions and memory, whether the price will rise substantially will be one of the most concerned issues of this release and consumers. If the starting price of mate40 is less than 4500 yuan, mate40 definitely has the ability to compete with the iPhone 12 without a chip panic. < / P > < p > other aspects of concern may be the system. Whether the first system used is emui 11 or Hongmeng 2.0, or both can be freely switched by consumers. I think the possibility of dual system is higher. After all, it is the first mobile phone of Hongmeng system. It is more reliable to provide more choices by taking into account the usage habits of consumers. < / P > < p > although Huawei released Hongmeng OS 2.0 earlier, there are no mobile phones using Hongmeng OS 2.0, so the significance of mate40 launching Hongmeng OS 2.0 is more important, whether it is technology, R & D, strategy, etc. Its actual performance is also worth looking forward to. < / P > < p > in addition, in this conference, other products, such as Huawei watch GT 3, smart screen and special customized version mate40, are unlikely to have headphones because Huawei freebugs Pro has been released some time ago. < / P > < p > finally, a digression, because the release of mate40, mate30, P40 series, there must be a certain range of price reduction, for consumers, it is also a good thing. < / P > < p > generally speaking, I have been looking forward to Huawei’s launch of the iPhone 12 and Huawei mate40, because there are more uncertainties and variables. Unlike the iPhone 12, it has lost too much mystery due to various revelations. And this has a certain significance for Huawei or domestic mobile phones to achieve the final breakthrough. So these points are worth looking forward to. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?