On the eve of the US “cut off supply”, Huawei launched a “breakout war” and presented a trump card with strong signals

As we all know, September 15 is the day when the United States began to implement a comprehensive “cut-off” of Huawei chips. On May 15, the U.S. government issued a new ban. Any enterprise that supplies semiconductor products containing the application of American technology to Huawei must obtain the export license of the U.S. government first. The ban comes with a 120 day buffer period, which will take effect on September 15. Then, on August 17, the U.S. Department of commerce further tightened restrictions on Huawei’s access to U.S. technology, and added 38 Huawei subsidiaries in 21 countries to the “entity list.”. However, what the United States didn’t expect was that Huawei suddenly launched a “breakthrough war” on the eve of “cutting off the supply”. According to the Global Times report on September 14, the latest foreign media news said that Huawei’s Hisilicon recently made a large-scale package freight plane to ship the chips out before the delivery deadline, so as to alleviate the chip crisis Huawei is facing! According to industry sources, Huawei Hisilicon will pack a special cargo plane to Taiwan these days to ship Kirin and related chips back before September 14. According to industry sources quoted in Taiwan, the US ban on Huawei will take effect on January 15, and semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC and MediaTek are catching up. < p > < p > according to the semiconductor industry, the chip production cycle is at least two to three months. In order to ship the chips out of Taiwan before the deadline, some Huawei suppliers also deliver the chips that have not been sealed and tested before the deadline to the mainland. According to the source, Huawei is unlikely to do so if the ban is not eased or the time is delayed. It is not clear whether Huawei can continue to cooperate with these manufacturers in the future, and they can only prepare for the worst. < / P > < p > What’s more, in response to the US “upgraded version” ban, Huawei has recently offered a trump card, with a strong signal. Wang Chenglu, President of the software department of Huawei’s consumer business, made it clear that he would fully support Huawei’s mobile phones equipped with Hongmeng system next year at the “Huawei developer 2020” conference held from September 10 to 12, according to chinanews.com. Wang Chenglu said: “the technology involved in the chip issue is very complicated. There must be difficulties for Huawei in this respect. There is no doubt. From the chip issue, should all industries in China wake up? Because the chip problem has given the enterprise reflection instead, no choice is the best choice. On the contrary, restrictions give us a very good opportunity to coexist with danger and opportunity. ” For the question of “when will Hongmeng be used in mobile phones” that consumers are most concerned about, Huawei also gives a timetable: “next year, we will fully support the implementation of Hongmeng system in mobile phones.” Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?