Once NVIDIA acquires arm, domestic mobile phone manufacturers will face great challenges

After the news of Softbank preparing to sell arm shares came out, all kinds of rumors never stopped. After TSMC denied the acquisition of arm, it was announced in the industry that NVIDIA was ready to acquire arm. The purchase price was 40 billion pounds, equivalent to 363.7 billion yuan. This price is the highest in the industry. < / P > < p > for NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm, people in the industry have different opinions. Most people are very optimistic about this merger and acquisition, because it is a win-win business. In the eyes of many people, NVIDIA is a company that makes video cards. In fact, NVIDIA is an artificial intelligence computing company, which defines GPU and promotes the development of PC game market. < / P > < p > in essence, both GPU and arm are chip architectures. From this point of view, if NVIDIA acquires arm, the business of the two companies is complementary. Moreover, some technology reserves and patents of arm can promote the business development of NVIDIA. After all, it has made many breakthroughs in GPU products. < / P > < p > according to public information, in the GTC 2020 keynote speech, NVIDIA announced the launch of a new ampere architecture, which is the eighth generation GPU architecture released by NVIDIA. It contains more than 54 billion transistors, and its performance is up to 20 times higher than that of the previous generation. It is not difficult to see that ampere architecture is the biggest performance leap in the history of GPU. < / P > < p > take a look at arm again. The core technology achievement is ARM processor, which is a RISC instruction set microprocessor with low power consumption and cost. However, arm does not have its own chip products, but designs the CPU chip architecture. At present, most of mobile phone chips are based on ARM architecture. For example, Qualcomm’s snapdragon series, Huawei’s Kirin series chips, and the powerful apple a series processor are also based on ARM architecture. It’s a pity that arm, which has mastered the core technology of mobile phone chips, has made a red light on its performance. In the past year, arm lost 2.8 billion yuan, which made Softbank determined to sell arm. From a purely technical point of view, NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm is a win-win situation. After the acquisition, NVIDIA has two core technologies: CPU and GPU. At that time, a new chip giant will be born in the global chip industry. < / P > < p > it is true that the global chip market pattern may change greatly after NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm. However, a very cruel reality is that in the context of the US blocking Huawei and ZTE and other high-tech enterprises, NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm will have a negative impact on some domestic enterprises. After the acquisition, arm is no longer a British company, but an American enterprise, which needs to comply with the laws of the United States. < / P > < p > according to some policies of the trump government, NVIDIA may also be unable to provide services to Huawei and ZTE, which may have a fatal impact on the two enterprises, especially Huawei. As we all know, arm is the core of mobile phone chip architecture, and the Kirin series processors independently developed by Huawei are also based on ARM architecture. Once domestic mobile phone manufacturers can not use arm architecture, domestic manufacturers will not be able to take the path of chip independent research and development. To put it bluntly, after NVIDIA acquired arm, it is equivalent to blocking the independent research and development of chips for domestic enterprises. < / P > < p > although there are still some variables in NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm, domestic mobile phone manufacturers need to face up to the risks brought about by this acquisition. To be sure, once NVIDIA acquires arm, many domestic enterprises will face more challenges in terms of technological innovation. Older posts →