One billion years ago, there is only one earth left in the three earth. Do you believe that?

I don’t know where this friend comes from. This kind of view only appears in the fabulous fairy tale, but this “immortal” clearly lives in our world, how can there be such a statement? He didn’t explain the source of this statement, and I can’t find the source. < p > < p > this is a typical example of blinding. So far, there are only eight planets in the solar system, of which Pluto has been in the planetary ranks for 76 years and voted to be dwarf at the 2006 IAU General Assembly, so there are only eight planets left. But it has always been thought that there is a ninth planet hidden in the distant Oort cloud, which has not yet been discovered. This is only a part of people’s conjecture, which is controversial in the scientific community, has not been widely supported, and there is no evidence. We don’t talk about that today. The so-called scientific literacy of the earth is not to say that there are three aspects of scientific literacy. Because there is one in the earth, just like the “immortal” who raised this question, there is only one in the universe. Even if there are people who say the same thing, they can’t be regarded as the “immortal”. How can there be three “this” people? I mean, even if there are earth like or even the same planet, it can’t be called three earth, how can there be three earth? < / P > < p > is the earth, like the one above, standing in line? Therefore, this kind of words not only has no scientific reason, but also has the confusion of logicality. Only those who are confused in logic and lack of basic cognition can say such words. The solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago and evolved from a giant regenerative nebula. The so-called regenerative nebula is not the original Nebula produced by the big bang, but the cosmic dust, gas and molecular clouds emitted into space after the explosion of a star supernova. The primordial nebula of the Big Bang is basically composed of hydrogen and helium. There is no such heavy matter as the earth. Only the regeneration Nebula after the big bang of supernova can produce so much heavy matter through nuclear fusion. Therefore, the nebulae that make up the solar system are by no means primitive. < p > < p > under the action of gravity, these nebulae gradually gather and contract more and more tightly, and gradually form stellar accretion disks. The gravity collapses in the center, and the high temperature and high pressure cause hydrogen fusion, thus the sun is born. At the same time, the planets collide and gather in the residual gas in the accretion disk. As the sun just formed, it radiates violently, blowing the light gas far away in the form of stellar wind, while the heavy matter is closer to the sun, thus forming two series of inner and outer planets. < / P > < p > the inner planets are earth like planets. From the sun’s latest date, there are Mercury, Venus, earth and Mars, with a total of 4. Earth like planets are characterized by a hard solid rock crust like the earth, with relatively high density, which are Mercury 5.43g/cm ^ 3, Venus 5.25g/cm ^ 3, earth 5.52g/cm ^ 3, Mars 3.95 g / cm ^ 3. < / P > < p > exoplanets are also called wooden planets. From the back of Mars, they are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, which are also four. The main features of Jupiter and Uranus are: 29g ^ 3.3 / cm ^ 3.3 / g, respectively. In any planetary system, the main star dominates the operation of the system, because its attraction condenses most of the mass of the whole system. For example, the sun condenses 99.86% of the mass of the solar system, leaving only 0.14% of the residual gas to form eight major planets, as well as dwarf planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, dust and other small bodies. < / P > < p > so billions of years ago, not a billion years ago, these planets were basically fixed, and there were no three earths. If so, what orbit are the other planets in? Is it possible to wear the same trousers with the earth and run in the same orbit? < / P > < p > over the course of billions of years, although these planets have experienced various collisions, some of them have fallen down, such as Uranus, whose axis of rotation tilts 97.86 degrees with its orbital plane; some have been hit with a crooked neck, such as the earth, with its rotation tilted by 23.44 degrees; and some have been stopped, such as the rotation speed of Venus is less than its revolution speed. These collisions were earth shaking in ancient times of the solar system, but if there were three earths, they would be too small compared with the two earth disappearing events, and there must be traces left behind. But so far, no trace of this has been found. < / P > < p > if Venus and Mars are said to be similar to the earth in the past, why should we say that they are three earth? I have talked about the history of Venus and Mars in the past, so I don’t want to talk about it here. < / P > < p > in the middle of the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, there is a place called the main asteroid belt, where there are more than 500000 asteroids. These asteroids are hundreds of kilometers in diameter, dozens or even several kilometers in size, and there are many debris and dust. The largest of these is the only dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, Ceres, with a diameter of about 950 km. < / P > < p > there are many opinions about the study of the asteroid belt. One of them is that there was a big planet here, and then it exploded for unknown reasons, forming these asteroid fragments. Others believe that there were more than a dozen asteroids as big as Ceres in the past, which have become what they are now under constant collision. However, more mainstream views hold that in the early stage of the formation of the solar system, there were about one planet with the mass of the earth, which would normally form a planet about the size of the earth. However, due to the high mass of Jupiter, the orbit resonance will occur in the region where the orbital period and the period of Jupiter are simple integer ratio, which will disturb the change of the orbit of the star, increase the collision and prevent the condensation of the star. According to the results of computer simulation, due to the disturbance of gravity, most of the material in this asteroid belt was thrown out during the formation period of one million years, leaving only one thousandth of the original mass. Therefore, the total mass of the main asteroid belt is about one thousandth of the earth’s mass. < p > < p > < p > celestial bodies have laws and are feasible. If we trace the origin according to these laws, we can restore the original appearance of history. Human beings have been exploring and discovering the laws of celestial bodies, and according to these rules, they have solved one mystery after another. Of course, the current research on the solar system is still in its infancy, and many mysteries have not been solved. However, human probes have reached the depth of the solar system, and have carried out more and more detailed investigation and Analysis on the large and small celestial bodies, especially some of the most primitive comets and asteroids in the early stage of the formation of the solar system. We will have a clearer understanding of the evolution history and process of the solar system for several billion years. < p > < p > scientific exploration and conjecture are not the same thing as some groundless nonsense. The so-called “three earths” argument is ridiculous. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction