One charger for office needs – omthing 65W Gan charger

After the last time I selected the 87 key wireless keyboard, I found that the T480 USB 3.0 The charging speed of the interface is really slow, and the lightning interface is connected to the monitor, so I quickly realized that I need a separate charger, and the desk only provides two five hole sockets. So a charger supports notebook charging and mobile phone fast charging. Of course, there is another way to add a plug-in board, but this is not in line with me Our theme, I put away the 10 Jack patch board on this table two days ago. How can I take it out again.

when it comes to gallium nitride chargers, there will be only a few manufacturers doing this in 2019. The most famous one is Lenovo lipstick charger. But now, in 2020, three port Gan chargers are basically popular on the Internet, so I will not do basic science popularization.

it’s a particularly easy thing to choose. There are only a few brands of three port Gan chargers, and the difference is not big. In that case, choose the most cost-effective one.

Oh, it’s still one more’s omthing, omthing 65W three port gallium nitride. The price of pre-sale 99 is also a one meter long C to C line. Even if a C to C line is sent at 149 price, it’s the king’s price..

and my ThinkPad T480 only needs 45W input. At the same time, I can charge my mobile phone with 18W. I’m satisfied..

so many people will ask whether the agreement is supported or whether an official plan is more comprehensive. Relatively speaking, except for the oppo’s own agreement, the mainstream agreements in the market are basically supported.

I took my workbook home to do an input test. I can see that the output power of port C is nearly 50W, because the power of my laptop is still at 95%. After monitoring for a while, I didn’t encounter the output of 65W. I saw sporadic 2.8A. I didn’t have time to shoot. Anyway, my notebook 45W is enough..

let’s plug in more ports at the same time. This time, we plug in port a and port C, one is mi9 and the other is iPhone 8. Both ports output 18W.

we also tried, charging both mobile phones and laptops, 45W and 18W. But tut can’t find it… Both C1 + C2 output and C1 + a output can achieve 45W + 18W.

in fact, a friend told me that it was too boring to connect the computer. In fact, using an docking station and hiding the docking station under the board can make the desktop cleaner.. What do you think?

Author: zmhuaxia