One group purchase, 3000 orders in half an hour, more than 80% of group users place orders

We should all know that group buying is cheaper for many people to put together things in a group. But I don’t know if you have heard of “flash mob”. The speed of the group is very fast. After buying this time, you will immediately dissolve the group chat. The group buying group, as I understand it, is to complete the limited quantity and rush purchase activities of characteristic commodities within the specified time, and the commodities must have competitive advantages in price. < / P > < p > fast: each group purchase can last up to half an hour. In fact, it only takes 15 minutes, and even one minute for popular products. Good: not only the selected products are better, but also the prices should be very beautiful. We have made an offer promise that we will not increase the prices for at least half a month. Stimulation: real time reminder within the group, change the price immediately after the end of group purchase and dissolve the group. < / P > < p > old user group: we established a new group buying group separately, and then put the QR code into our existing old user group. Circle of friends: in the circle of friends, we have done a more accurate screening. Display group QR code with recommended group purchase items. App: our goal is to make more transactions, and there are still many app users. Therefore, we put activity introduction details pages in the capsule position and first focus of the app.

, looking for products from the merchants, and looking for products related tutorials, price comparison charts, Mai Jiaxiu, tiktok, jitter, Baidu, Taobao and other channels, and then send these data to the group in batches. < / P > < p > the second is the sales volume. Since the sales volume of each commodity varies from 100 to 500, the stock will be broadcast for 1 / 3, 1 / 2, and the remaining 50 items will be broadcast simultaneously. < / P > < p > since it is group buying + seckilling, and each time the discount is so large, and so much energy is put into it, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of seizing all of the second group buying. < / P > < p > although the cost of this group pulling seems to be a little high, as long as our commodities, discounts and interactions are in place, then the next group opening will not be afraid of no one. < / P > < p > those who don’t buy will think that this group can collect wool. Don’t worry about being pulled. If they don’t support the scene, they will not motivate other customers to place orders. < / P > < p > this is a small upgrade of group buying and selling goods shared with you. At the beginning of flash, it will be live broadcast, and more than one group will launch flash group at the same time. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer