One hydrogenation os11: AOD, asymmetric design Which of the five features do you like?

Whether you admit it or not, Yijia mobile phone has gained quite high popularity both at home and abroad in recent years. Although some people dislike its system, more users are fond of the top-level configuration and overall balanced performance of Yijia mobile phone. For the view of a plus system, it can be said that polarization is the main thing. The hydrogen OS system is mainly concise and light. Many users are loyal to the old user. But there are many partners who make complaints about the system. < / P > < p > however, the exploration of smart systems by Yijia mobile phones has never stopped. Recently, the government has been warming up the “hydrogen listening conference 2.0” to be held on August 10, when the new hydrogen OS 11 system will be officially released. As a major upgrade of the new system, what new experience will hydrogen os11 bring? < / P > < p > the first is the Zen mode 2.0 shared by CEO Liu zuohu at the beginning. In order to enable users to focus on doing certain things at a specific time, he launched a humanized Zen mode. Now the new system will be upgraded to Zen mode 2.0, version. Liu zuohu revealed that the new function can invite friends and enter the state of meditation at the same time. When you don’t need to use your mobile phone for a work meeting or a dinner with friends, you can communicate more attentively together. He also stressed that the upgrade of this function is based on the suggestions put forward by Yijia community users, and the social sharing function has been added. Tiger has been active in various social platforms and Yijia communities, paying attention to listening to the actual voice of users. < / P > < p > in addition to Zen mode 2.0, hydrogen os11 will also bring dark mode and asymmetric design. Among them, dark mode Liu zuohu revealed that it was created jointly with a Dutch design student. He said that the real dark color should not only adjust the background to dark or black, but should be more hierarchical and aesthetic. It is learned that the dark mode of the one plus new system also adds one button start and automatic switching Function, I think the refuellers can’t wait. The asymmetric mode is to break the rules and allow users to get more free and personalized visual enjoyment. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that many users are concerned about the AOD display function. This time, the new hydrogen os11 system will also be presented in good faith. AOD function can transmit information efficiently, and can realize many playing methods on the off screen display. Liu zuohu shares one of the “time” dial, which he loves very much. It is also a fine art product that designers and overseas art students have spent a long time polishing. Yijia official micro said that in addition to the rich and diverse personality dial, there are still new “things” to offer to stretch the expectations of refuellers again. < / P > < p > Yijia has always attached great importance to detail experience. For example, the one plus eight series released in the first half of the year have slender fuselage proportions, and are exquisite and light in workmanship, so as to make users feel more comfortable. This time, hydrogen os11 also enhances the hand feeling of holding in the soft level, which will optimize the one hand operation experience, and achieve a scientific golden ratio between the core function area and the display screen, so that the users of one plus mobile phone can get the most humanized one hand operation effect. < / P > < p > in a word, smart phones can’t keep users by merely relying on hardware stacking. Only when the configuration is in place and the system is excellent enough, can we meet the needs of users to the greatest extent. The hardware of Yijia mobile phone has been basically impeccable, and its smooth and concise system has also attracted many users. The key is that Yijia is still exploring constantly to let the refuellers get more and more perfect experience. This time, the new hydrogen os11 system will bring Zen mode 2.0, AOD off screen, dark mode and optimized single hand operation, etc., which is very sincere! If you want to know more about the details and stories of the new system, please pay attention to “hydrogen hearing 2.0” on August 10. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia