“One line” in wechat circle of friends? Teach you a move to check the status of friends, really practical!

Not only are mobile phones changing, but software is also changing. < / P > < p > in ancient times, the way of sending messages was to write letters, and then the pigeons were asked to take the letters to each other to convey the information. In this way, not only the pigeons need to be trained, but also the weather should be estimated to prevent the pigeons from delivering messages. Sending messages with pigeons is annoying and time-consuming. Later, the telegraph was gradually used to transmit information, but ordinary people could not reach it. They still had to go to the post office to transmit information by telegram, and the cost was relatively high. Later, more than ten years ago, letters were usually put in envelopes, stamped and delivered to the mailbox. The postman then took the letters and sent them to various places, which took a long time. Now, the emergence of social software such as QQ and wechat has facilitated people’s life, which has reduced social costs and saved time. < p > < p > in 1999, QQ was born. At that time, it was also the first time for people to contact social software. They applied for QQ accounts one after another to feel the things of science and technology. At that time, the emergence of QQ caused a boom. People logged into QQ accounts one after another, adding QQ friends’ QQ to experience the convenience brought by QQ. At first, QQ can only chat, and then gradually increase voice , video call function, sending red packets, pictures and other functions, as well as opening QQ mailbox, drifting bottle and other new functions, people are very excited, have opened new function experience. < p > < p > wechat was born in 2011. Both wechat and QQ belong to the technological products launched by Tencent group. Tencent group found that QQ has gradually failed to keep up with people’s needs, so it launched a new social software wechat, in order to occupy the dominant position of people’s social software. Now I believe we all know that the status of wechat is really high. There are 1.2 billion people using wechat among 1.4 billion people in China. Wechat has gradually integrated into people’s lives, and people can’t do without wechat. < / P > < p > whether in daily life or work, wechat has been the most used social software. It can not only chat with wechat, voice and video calls, but also has payment function, which can be used for daily payment, etc. < / P > < p > in a word, people are now inseparable from wechat. They have added a lot of friends to wechat, or for some reasons, they have added some people. After a period of time, they may forget who they are. Yes, people have to face so many people every day. It’s normal that they can’t remember. < / P > < p > once wechat has been used for a long time, there will be some people who don’t often contact in the wechat address book. When you accidentally open the circle of friends of people you don’t often contact, you may wonder whether the other party deleted you, so you can’t see her circle of friends. You may feel disappointed that you haven’t deleted them Fang, the other party deleted you. < / P > < p > in fact, a horizontal line in the circle of friends does not mean that the other party deleted you, but there are other reasons. The general circle of friends shows a horizontal line. There are three situations. < / P > < p > the first is that the other party has deleted you, so you can’t see the other party’s circle of friends, and the circle of friends will show a horizontal line; the second is that the other party is still your friend, but blocks you, and doesn’t want you to see her circle of friends, and you don’t want you to know too much about her private life. There is another situation that the other party will blacklist you You can’t see each other’s circle of friends. One of the disadvantages of wechat is that the other party deleted you, but you don’t know. You still keep the other party as a wechat friend in wechat. When you think of sending a message to the other party, you will find that the other party has deleted you. And QQ is not, QQ delete friend is both sides delete together, if the other party deleted you, you will not see each other, so at least one day when you think of sending a message to the other party, you will not prompt that you are not the other party’s friend. < / P > < p > as more and more friends are added to wechat, in the past two years, there are a lot of mass messages on wechat to verify that the other party is not your friend. In fact, this verification method is not very good. Some friends will feel very bad when they receive such boring information. You will even suspect that she deleted you, and some are leaders and customers. Sending this verification is not very suitable Make people think you’re boring. < / P > < p > later, there were some QR codes or links on wechat. You can verify that the other party is not your friend without sending a mass message. However, the security of this method is not guaranteed. If you scan the QR code or link, the illegal elements will steal your private information and sell it to others. < / P > < p > this method is that you click the dialog box between you and the other party, then click transfer, and enter 1 cent. If the other party deletes you, too much money will be lost, so it is the best to transfer 1 cent. There is also a very important point, that is, do not send a red envelope to the other party, it is to transfer money to verify. < / P > < p > if the other party deletes you, it will show that you are not a friend of the payee and cannot transfer money; if the other party does not delete you, it will show that you can enter your password. In this way, you can verify whether the other party has deleted you. < / P > < p > there is another case that the other party did not delete you, but the other party made you black. When you transfer money, the system will prompt you to confirm whether your good friend relationship with the other party is normal. If you enter the password, still can’t see the other party’s circle of friends, then it means that the other party has neither deleted you nor blackmailed you, but simply does not want you to see her circle of friends and know too much about her life and work status. In fact, as the most popular social software at present, wechat is used by many people almost every day. Some people still use wechat after work, follow the boss’s command and talk about cooperation with customers. In this way, life and work can’t be separated. If it goes on like this, people will feel tired and have no private time. < / P > < p > I hope that in the future, wechat can provide the function of deleting friends in both directions, just like QQ, and add some settings so that some people can separate their work and life, at least relieve some people’s pressure. It doesn’t take 24 hours a day, except for sleeping time, other time is at work, and there is no private time It is not conducive to people’s better experience of life. Privacy Policy