One night Xiaomi returned to 1999 and we can afford Lamborghini!

Xiaomi’s 10 years of ups and downs, has been compressed into less than three hours, but it is still generous enough. Although Lei Jun’s speech is not as Leijun’s as Leijun’s, but listen, you will enter the river and lake of Xiaomi, which is very interesting. Maybe this is the unique charm of Lei Jun. < / P > < p > for several times, he stressed that he and other founders were all engineers. He was proud of Xiaomi’s strong engineer culture, and said that engineers were the most important asset of Xiaomi. However, the speech was very emotional. The low ebb and highlight of the past 10 years clearly explained “where Xiaomi came from” in the form of story telling, and explained “where will Xiaomi go” by introducing several new products and strategies Therefore, several new products are not just the three Super Cups for the 10th anniversary, but are given the mission of the new decade, bearing the three iron laws of Xiaomi. Let’s have a look. Xiaomi’s high-end road is not easy to go, but once set out, there is no retreat to speak of. The supreme commemorative edition is also an affirmation of the direction that is being strived for. On the basis of Xiaomi 10 pro’s being released for half a year, it is still the third audio of DxOMark’s photo taking. On the basis of this, the successor’s supreme commemorative edition shows its absolute strength once again. < / P > < p > the mobile phone itself provides three color matching versions: bright silver, transparent and ceramic black. The process is very particular. In particular, the transparent version needs to be completed in a dust-free factory. Xiaomi has even built a highly automated intelligent factory with the support of AI robots to create the supreme version of Xiaomi 10. < p > < p > < p > Lei Jun ranked many first. At present, 120 times the farthest zoom on the mobile phone is naturally the first. The 130 point DxOMark takes the first picture and the first video. Among the sub items of photography, exposure, night scene, zoom, wide-angle, virtualization and color are all the first, while the sub items of video are pseudo image, autofocus, texture and anti shake. At present, the fastest cable charging on 120W mobile phone is also the first mobile phone to release the technology. < / P > < p > in fact, the parameter configuration of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is exactly the same as the article I wrote a few days ago about the MI 10 Super Cup. The processor retains the snapdragon 865, which can run to 660000. The quality of 10bit primary color screen with 120Hz refresh rate is very high. Lei Jun summed up “the display effect is comparable to professional display”. When 120 W / S is charged on 4500mAh battery for 5 minutes, 41% of the blood can be recovered and 100% of the blood will be filled in 23 minutes. At the same time, it supports 50W wireless charging, and it takes 40 minutes to recover 100% of full blood, which is the level of many wired fast charging. < / P > < p > this is the representative work of redmi brand to carry forward the past. Ten years ago, Xiaomi relied on the best cost performance to play a role. Ten years later, Xiaomi’s goal has been the Starry Sea. It can’t be achieved only by cost performance, which can’t support a bigger dream. However, cost performance is the most important weapon for Xiaomi to overcome difficulties in the past. To give up on this is a betrayal of the past, and it is impossible to explain to the original rice noodles. < / P > < p > on the one hand, we should stride forward, on the other hand, we should not cross the river to draw boards and forget where the roots are. Therefore, the significance of the existence of redmi brand is no less than that of Xiaomi main line brand. K30 supreme commemorative edition is one of the best answers to the 10th anniversary. When the ppt on the price page was published, geek blurted out his “sleeping trough” and dreamt back to 1999. < p > < p > although Lu Weibing often talks online, he really knows himself and the enemy, and really knows what users want. Although redmi K30 has brought 5g mobile phone to 1999 yuan price early, it also provides 120Hz high screen swipe, but it is always the entry-level middle end. Finally, redmi K30 Pro came and dried the snapdragon 865 to the lowest price. However, the screen was turned on, and the refresh rate was 60Hz. No matter how fragrant it was, it could not erase the biggest regret.

, so the processor changed from 865 to Android camp two, the Dage 1000+ is still the most powerful performance, AI performance is the first; 60Hz changed to 120Hz to meet most of the mouth, hey party, so they can not Tucao, they make complaints about double speakers, and then LPDDR 5 changes LPDDR 4X, UFS 3.1 to UFS 2.1, though reversing, but it is actually the weakest. Finally, in front of 1999 yuan, what kind of bicycle do you want? This Sabre technique is simple, OK? The perfect law of Zhenxiang. The K30 supreme version has already left to challenge the school. No, it’s martial arts. The opponent is glory 30 pro, which starts at 3989. If the transparent version of Xiaomi 10 supreme is high-end positioning, Xiaomi transparent TV is really a concept product that startles big teeth. Originally thought it was the same as the mobile phone, using a transparent body shell, let us have a glimpse of the mystery inside, but we never thought that the object looked like a piece of completely transparent glass. < / P > < p > this let me see the company that had the courage to explore the future and developed the first generation of millet mix to make the coolest products. This transparent TV is the world’s first mass production transparent OLED TV, which is the ultimate work to explore the future form again. Parameters are also beautiful, 55 inch 5.7mm ultra-thin Dolby panoramic sound 10bit primary color screen, 120Hz motion compensation integrated host audio base. < / P > < p > the price of the product that startles the teeth is also the price of the product. At 49999 yuan, even Lei Jun says “just have a look.”. However, on the other hand, Mr. Lei has confidence in the product itself and hopes to support Xiaomi if conditions permit. He also said that “you can’t buy such a TV in our house, you can’t buy it anywhere else” < / P > < p > in addition, there is a customized version of McLaren for mobile phones, a customized version for Huawei phones and a customized version for oppo phones. Originally, we joked that Xiaomi would never find a car again With the cooperation of manufacturers, there are few luxury super cars that can be used. I didn’t expect Xiaomi made a car directly. It was just a go kart. < p > < p > Lamborghini go kart can run 62 laps on the 400m track with full power. It is equipped with track tires as standard. It can make many people realize the dream of “d” drifting. As a co branded customized model, the price of 9999 yuan is not too much. You don’t like to play karts. You can also disassemble it into a No. 9 balance car Max! < / P > < p > K30 supreme commemorative edition inherits the past, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is based on high-end, and Xiaomi TV transparent edition explores the future, just corresponding to Lei Jun’s definition of technology-based, cost-effective as the key, making the coolest product.

New Millet 10 years, the new words of millet reopened, and go to the big business, I believe that engineers using the Internet plus manufacturing can bring more surprises. “Believe in yourself, go ahead” is no problem, but look at the stars at the same time, first down-to-earth, the road to step-by-step, do not like mix as high open low go! Come on, millet. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year