One of the biggest in the history of Japan! Kan Yiwei’s new action, the maximum budget of 5.4 trillion

According to global network, new Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei has made another big move. In the face of the epidemic situation and economic downturn in Japan, he greatly increased Japan’s military expenditure, and the maximum budget this time was as high as 5.4 trillion yen. This is the biggest one in Japan’s history. According to its authorities, this is a change to cope with regional tensions, and the main content of military expenditure covers all-round projects such as sea, land, air and space. It is understood that the most important reason why Japan’s military expenditure is unprecedented this time is that the military strength of Japan’s neighboring countries has been strengthened and increased. In addition to conventional forces, the threat of fleet, missiles, space and cyberspace is also increasing. Moreover, the military budget is not only to invest more in equipment manufacturing and purchase, but also to increase investment in professional personnel training and scientific and technological research and development. This shows that Japan has realized the deficiencies in the armament and military science and technology of the self defense force, and needs to fundamentally cultivate the corresponding talents and build the strength of the defense force from a long-term perspective. However, there are also views that Japan’s approach is more to meet the needs of the United States. What is different from most countries is that, due to historical reasons, Japan has entrusted its defense work to the United States for a long time, so its military development speed may not be as fast as that of folk technology. In addition, after the signing of the agreement, its economic problems have become more and more serious. Various reasons have led Japan to directly miss the rapid development of the “Internet Era”. In a sense, this is also true It is one of the reasons why Japan has fallen into stagnation of development and “fewer children”. Therefore, Kan Yiwei’s government further increased the defense budget, including space, network and even “electromagnetic wave war” into the new budget. However, as the relevant plan is still under study, the specific budget allocation is still unknown. It is worth noting that the budget increase was not proposed by Kan Yiwei after he came to power. This is the eighth consecutive year that Japan has sought to increase the defense force budget. Therefore, Kan Yiwei’s government still follows Abe’s “military Pro us” approach in this regard. Although the plan to deploy U.S. land-based “Aegis” has been abandoned, the alternative is likely to increase the number and size of sea-based aegis ships. At the same time, from the perspective of its electromagnetic wave warfare and space development plans, the Japanese government obviously intends to continue to develop its military strength by virtue of the technological advantages of the United States, and even catch up with the rapid development of some neighboring countries in the Internet and network electronic warfare. At present, many of Kan’s moves to power are basically the extension and strengthening of Abe’s policy, which is still an old road. However, in the face of the epidemic situation in Japan, the finance is obviously relatively tight, and this trend can not be solved in the short term. Therefore, increasing various expenditures will be a great pressure on Japan’s finance next year. However, at present, the issue of military expenditure sharing between the United States and Japan seems to have not been solved. The further increase of fiscal expenditure by Kan Yiwei’s Government may also be intended to wipe out the idea of the United States reaching out for money. However, for the Japanese people, the increase in military spending means that the movement of military bases may also become more and more serious. People’s anxiety and the increase of protest activities may be unavoidable, especially in Okinawa, which is already full of soldiers. < / P > < p > for Kan Yiwei, the pressure and challenges faced by Abe during his one-year term of taking over Abe are quite large. If he wants to make some changes or at least stabilize the situation, he needs to inherit Abe’s “Taiji” skill. However, the current situation is obviously more tense than Abe’s. with the change of international situation, the next two or three months will be the most For the hard. As a “middleman” in Asia, Kan Yiwei’s government’s actions are not only related to the peaceful exchanges with neighboring countries, but also the “center of gravity” of global strategic security. Considering that some extreme forces in Japan are also on the rise, I’m afraid the road ahead will not be easy. The continued growth of military expenditure is enough to trigger some unfriendly voices. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?