One of the brightest stars in domestic chips has been struggling for 11 years, and has become one of the top 10 chips in the world

At the recent China information 100 conference, Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei Kirin high-end chips would stop production on September 15. This may be the biggest bad news for China’s semiconductor industry in recent months. However, all this came to an abrupt end in May this year. Due to the US ban, Kirin chips could not continue to be produced in the near future. However, Huawei will not give up Hisilicon. Although Kirin processor has stopped, it will not withdraw from the market. After all, Kirin chips can become the brightest star among domestic chips, and it has been struggling in the market for 11 years. This setback is nothing to Kirin hiss. < / P > < p > 11 years ago, the situation of domestic chips was worse than that at present. Hisilicon k3v1 processor was full of expectation to be listed on the market, but it was defeated by products such as MediaTek and Samsung. Even in the low-end market, it is difficult to get a place. In fact, before the advent of Hisilicon k3v1 processor, Huawei Hisilicon had been deeply engaged in the chip field for many years. But before, Hisilicon has been providing customized chip support for Huawei’s communication business, and has not designed a mobile phone chip. < p > < p > it was not until 2006 that Huawei started the research and development project of smart phone chips, and k3v1 was Huawei’s first mobile phone chip. But because of the backward process, the chip has been Waterloo in the market. However, Huawei did not give up. Three years later, Huawei released k3v2, which eventually achieved tens of millions of commercial applications. In the same year, Yu Chengdong took office in Huawei’s mobile phone department, and established the high-end positioning of Huawei mobile phones and the self-study direction of Kirin chips. < p > < p > in the following years, Kirin processors have become more and more stable. Although there is still a gap compared with competitors in the same period, the good thing is that the gap has been narrowing. In 2018, the Kirin 980 was born. With the advantages of high-end technology, the Kirin 980 completed the anti overshoot of the same period of high-tech processors. The mate20 series carrying the chip is also one of Huawei’s most outstanding products in the international market. In recent two years, 5g technology has been popularized rapidly, and 5g mobile phone has become a popular product. Kirin chips are more and more popular in the market because of Huawei’s advanced 5g technology. In the first quarter of this year, Huawei Kirin processor’s domestic market share surpassed that of Qualcomm for the first time, and Hisilicon has become one of the top ten semiconductor manufacturers in the world. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865