One person is ill, everyone shares: an interpretation of the sharing logic of the United States and the United States

Recently, meituan mutual aid announced the first issue of the case in August. In this period, five sick members were rescued, and more than ten million members participated in the assistance. On the apportionment day on August 13, each apportioned member will share 2 cents. In order to improve the product experience of members, the apportionment and deduction will be 100% borne by meituan mutual aid platform, and members do not need to make apportionment deduction. < p > < p > in July this year, meituan mutual aid made the first apportionment deduction, and many members’ meituan accounts were deducted one cent on the sharing day. As this is the first time that meituan mutual aid platform allocates and deducts money, many “sleeping” users are awakened: many people say that they do not know when to join meituan mutual aid. As a matter of fact, the heated discussion focuses on two aspects: when you don’t know when to join and when you don’t know when you agree to be deducted. < / P > < p > it is understood that members have written instructions and withholding agreements when they join meituan, but many users do not see it or pay attention to it after seeing it. For the newly established network mutual aid platform, some users may be attracted by marketing activities and subsidies to join in; some people are due to product advantages, such as “0 yuan for joining, 300000 yuan guarantee”, “10 cents for ordinary times, 300000 yuan for serious diseases”, etc. In fact, many people didn’t understand the rules of the whole product when they joined. After joining, they often forgot the existence of mutual assistance, so they would have various questions when apportioning and deducting money. < / P > < p > in fact, in addition to meituan mutual aid, mutual treasure will also provide an agreement for users to continue to join. The agreement stipulates that Alipay can make deductions for mutual treasure through authorized Alipay account balances, bank card balances with fast payment functions, flower notes and Alipay red envelopes.

, however, we use Alipay scenes very often, and a small amount of mutual expenditure can be submerged in many pen consumption records. The degree of perception is not strong. We generally do not go to check the payment records of each consumer. But for the US group, the frequency of consumption is not high enough for Alipay, and every expenditure can be clearly perceived by users. A great disturbance will therefore be triggered when the money is deducted. < / P > < p > however, as long as the logic of the network mutual aid product of “one person is sick, everyone shares” remains unchanged, and each deduction also needs to be understood and understood by all members. For members of meituan mutual aid, the most important time node of each month is the case Publicity Day and the apportionment day. On the case Publicity Day, meituan will publicize the basic information of the sick members to the public, so that each rescue can be open and transparent; on the sharing day, meituan mutual aid will apportion and deduct money from the members, so that we can gather love and help the sick members in need. < / P > < p > the 6th and 20th days of each month are the publicity days of meituan mutual aid cases, and the 13th and 27th are the deduction and apportionment days. Before each public announcement and automatic deduction of apportionment, meituan mutual will push the message in meituan app station. If you check it in time, you can know the apportionment of each period in advance. < / P > < p > on the apportionment day, that is, on the 13th and 27th of each month, members of meituan mutual aid will receive the system’s apportionment and deduction information. However, as the smallest unit of RMB is Fen, when the balance of the apportionment amount is less than 1 cent, the excess deduction will become the balance and the balance will be used to offset the apportionment. All the balance will be used for apportionment, and each point will be used to treat the sick members. < p > < p > at present, for the mutual aid fund of a single case, the shared expenses of members of meituan mutual aid do not exceed 0.1 yuan. For each member, the total amount of contribution in 2020 will not exceed 50 yuan. If there is any excess, all the excess will be borne by meituan mutual aid. In the future, each year, meituan mutual aid will announce the ceiling apportionment amount. < p > < p > meituan mutual aid is an open and transparent network mutual aid platform. We can get together and help each other. Here, when one person is seriously ill, others will share the cost. In this way, each person can get up to 300000 yuan of major disease insurance, which also makes meituan mutual aid an effective supplement to medical insurance and commercial insurance, and becomes “more reassuring and security” to resist potential health risks. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer