One plus nord8 series mobile phones are pre installed with Facebook overseas, unable to uninstall

It home, August 6, according to foreign media androidpolice, one plus eight series and Nord mobile phones have installed a number of Facebook owned applications and some back-end services overseas, and some of them cannot be uninstalled.

it was reported that XDA’s max weinbach found that instagram applications were updated through the Facebook application manager service, rather than through the play store. Some users on reddit have pointed out that this has been the case for some time.

foreign media checked several one plus mobile phones and confirmed that the company’s three latest models are pre installed with Facebook’s system applications and services, and are part of the operating system. And it seems to be the case in all regions carrying oxygenos, except China.

Max pointed out that if these services are available on the phone, Facebook owned apps may be updated through these services instead of the play store. These system services are also found to use data in the background, though rarely.

it house has learned that users can uninstall Facebook, Messenger and instagram apps for users, but they can’t delete the back-end services. However, they can be disabled and nothing on the phone will be damaged. One plus said it would continue to install the Facebook apps and services on phones sold in Europe, India and North America. Skip to content