One plus two medium and low-end aircraft exposure aircraft sea tactics in depth?

Yijia has always adopted the strategy of high-end products, and it has a good market performance in this respect. Both in the domestic market and in the international market, Yijia has a place, while in the Indian market, it has been the leader of high-end mobile phone products for a long time. However, just in July this year, one Canada launched a midrange mobile phone product, one plus Nord. Recently, it was pointed out that one Canada will launch two new mid and low-end products. < / P > < p > it is understood that the names of the two new mid and low-end products are Yijia clover and Yijia Billie respectively. In the system code of oxygen OS 10.5, the developers found a new machine named Billie, carrying the chip code sm6350, which may be the high pass snapdragon 690 chip. < p > < p > however, in geekbench run score test software, a product code named “one plus clover” appears. According to the score running information, the product adopts the high pass snapdragon 660 processor and has a memory of 4GB. If the information of the two products is true, it can be seen that one plus may not only stop at the middle end products, but may also set foot in the low-end products, which will deepen the one plus’s aircraft sea tactics, and will have a layout for the three positioning products of low, medium and high. < / P > < p > this is also an important step for Yijia. After all, for Yijia, sticking to high-end products can maintain the profit margin on hardware, but for one plus, if the sales volume is small, the service cost can not be shared, and the development of Yijia will be restricted. Therefore, the introduction of medium and low-end products will help expand the market, improve competitiveness and brand recognition. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!