One top two: portable travel, zMi dual-mode 50W CHARGER + 6500mah experience

There are two evolution directions of the current charging head: one is to be as small as possible, fast charging as fast as possible, and as many sockets as possible; the other direction is to use multiple charging. For example, I evaluated this zMi dual-mode 50W CHARGER + 6500mah charging bank today, which can break off the retractable pin and change it into a 50W fast charging head, or it can be directly used as a 6700mah, maximum capacity charger High 18W fast charging power bank, the title said “one top two”, is it. < / P > < p > purple rice is a sub brand of Xiaomi, which can’t be said to be the ecological chain of millet. It’s more like a “friend” that people often ridicule. Xiaomi’s charging head also has similar products, but compared with Xiaomi’s white and elegant style, purple rice has more obvious characteristics. For example, this two in one charging head uses one-third spray coating and two-thirds of bright reflective piano paint, and the coating is just right The 50W is marked with large font, and there is also a power key with CD pattern on this side, so the recognition is very high. < / P > < p > at the same time, it is also a two in one charging head with one usb-a + one usb-c port, which can charge two devices at the same time. The interface side is also the placement surface of four power indicator lights. Let’s talk about the use experience in detail. < / P > < p > packaging, not to mention, zMi brand, the name of dual-mode CHARGER + power bank, and the label of 1a1c in the lower right corner. The upper right corner tells the user that this is a conscience cable delivery model, and a 2m long usb-c to C cable is sent. < / P > < p > the model is apb03. The specific charging parameters can be seen in the figure below. In simple words, in the charger mode, the maximum single C port can reach 45W, and the maximum single a port is 27W. When AC output at the same time, the a port is 5v1a. In the power bank mode, the maximum output of port a and port C is 18W, while the maximum output of dual port is 12W. < / P > < p > in addition to free thread, there are instructions. As mentioned just now, one side of the two in one charger of Zimi apb03 has a large font of 50W, and the other side has a capacity of 6700mah. As expected, “one charging head, one charger”. < / P > < p > the three circumference is 77.5×73.3×31.6mm, which is small in 6700mah capacity charger. The retractable pin can reduce the floor space and is suitable for carrying out. < / P > < p > the charging head of the power supply line is worth paying attention to. After all, a solid cable costs more than a dozen dollars, which is included in the total price of the charger, even if it makes money, right. < p > < p > in the mode of power bank, the charging power of Xiaomi mobile power supply 3 is 16.3w by using port C. < / P > < p > in the charger state, the charging power of Xiaomi mobile power 3 super flash charging version is also 16.2w, which is basically equivalent to that in the power bank mode. < / P > < p > the newly purchased notebook has not arrived yet, so the maximum fast charging limit of 45W cannot be verified for the moment in charger mode. However, during the process of charging the device to 100%, the heating of zMi dual-mode 50W CHARGER + 6500mah charger is very small, which can be intelligently adapted and compatible when charging different devices. In addition, it has a wide range of 100-240V voltage support; it supports small current charging, charging Bluetooth headset, bracelet and other devices, so there is no need to worry about the situation that people can’t be charged in or “charged too much”. < / P > < p > conclusion: the bright and frosted “color matching” dark shell design is more recognizable, which is a continuation of the zMi classic design. The two in one function enables it to flexibly adapt to the use environment – no market power, which is a charging bank with good capacity; if there is market power, it can be used as a 50W fast charging head to directly charge other equipment, or to recharge your own blood It is convenient to store folded pins and small size. It can be carried with you. It is very convenient for outdoor use. Compared with pure power bank or pure charging head, it is also very practical. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer